I was wondering if there would be an interest in setting up a peanut free holiday @ disneyland? I have not contacted any reps yet because I would like to know how many families would be interested (...
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Reminder to everyone that we REALLY need to make certain that each and every one of us does our part for the whole community this food allergy awareness week (May 5-11). Do what you can. Even if you...
I love this site and always walk away enlightened! I am writing in regard to my ten year old son who has an anaphylactic peanut allergy. His RAST test has always been and is off the chart; he is...
We're pretty excited to have a branch of the esteemed FAI on the west coast now! [b]Northwest chapter of the Food Allergy Initiative (FAI) will host its first annual benefit dinner on May 4, 2007 at...
I have a fire in me to do something. I am looking for a few people who would like to join me on spreading the word about PA. I know that another Mom has written to Oprah with no response from the...
This is amazing. At AllergyKids, we are also working on research into what has caused all of these little ones to have food allergies. Specifically, we are looking into what has been changed in our...
Hello all, Pennsylvania Senator Jane Orie will be holding a press conference hosted by the AllergyMoms support group on Feb 3rd from 1:00 to 3:00 at the council chambers in the Cranberry Township,PA...
My grammar is bad but it's heartfelt anyway. I sent this off to the two local papers. Peg [b]I was attending a Sunday matinee performance at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City on November 26th...
An Edmonton couple - Ana and Bryan Wigger - have made a serious start in their lobbying efforts for a Sabrina's Law in Alberta. Nov. 14, they met with Alberta's Minister of Education, Gene Zwozdesky...
ASBA to develop guidelines for school board policies for responding to anaphylaxis As a service to school boards
Legislation in Congress and how YOU can make a difference We are pleased to let you know that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Sen. Christopher Dodd have just introduced legislation (S. 3980)...
Can we do anything to help expedite the vaccine research? I am told that it will be at least 5-10 years before vaccine is available to humans. That is too long for us to agonize and live in fear...
Please join your fellow Pennsylvania food allergic families in DOYLESTOWN on Sunday, October 8th. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network's WALK FOR FOOD ALLERGY, Moving Towards A Cure will begin...
My son had had a really bad reaction to peanuts- just from touch. He always ends up very ill and usually has an ear infection. The antibiotic he was on caused an allergic reaction- not the bad part!...
Assembly bill 961 has been scheduled for a vote in the General Assembly this Thursday, March 16, 2006! This important bill addresses the emergency administration of epinephrine to students at risk...
My SIL is working to organise this. It will be at noon at the park by the zoo. I'll post more info when I have it. Rebecca, aunt to Alex with PA
LEGISLATIVE ALERT This past week, the State of Massachusetts Senate passed S 2643, Promoting Food Allergy Awareness in Restaurants sponsored by Senator Creem. This bill requires all Massachusetts...
The law that went into effect this year to make manufactures list all known allergen sources in a product has been extremely helpful when shopping at the store. However, if you are away from home and...
I just wrote a 'complaint' letter to a local business that I thought I'd share in case someone else needs a place to start with a similar letter. I searched for letters here but had a hard time...

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