I just found out about this website where you can vote for a project to be supported financially by American Express. There is one for Food Allergies!!! just go to membersproject.com. Sign up as a...
I'm just wondering why isn't a blood test a scheduled thing like vaccines are for kids...as in after discovering DS is allergic, I now wish it was common to give him a test at 2 just in case. Why do...
I just went to their website & they had a link where you can send them an email to their customer service. I explained how unfortunate it is that they are losing a lot of business b/c of the...
After being unsucessful at controlling my daughters exposure to peanuts in her classroom and at her lunch table at school I filed a complaint with OCR (The Office For Civil Rights). I am very happy...
dr phil is asking for storys on extreme allergies. I have posted, but dont think he would be interested in a story about a UK child. it might be worth you posting. sarah
Hi - My children have been enrolled in an international bible study group - called Bible Study Fellowship - for 7 years. Suddenly they have come with a policy that states if your child has a EPIpen...
I did e-mail Chris to see if he thought this was a legitimate action, which he did. I do need at least one person in the U.S. that would be willing to help me with this as I do not know the workings...
I'm sure that most of you have heard of this, but for those of you haven't... I've been using the search engine [url="http://www.goodsearch.com"]http://www.goodsearch.com[/url] and then I have...
Hi everyone, I am the mother of a 3 y.o. who is allergic to soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and eggs. Our list of food allergies continues to grow as she recently had an anaphylactic reaction to...
I would like to contact the Boy and Girl Scouts and try to get them to consider training their Troop Leaders in Basics of Food Allergies. But I haven't the faintest idea on how I would get started in...
I was in a Plow and Hearth store last night to buy a present for both our kids (one with PA) and got to the checkout counter where there are peanuts everywhere! They are in a dispenser at the...
email [email]linda@moonpie.com[/email] and ask that they keep MoonPies safe! They are bringing peanut products onto the same production line with the MoonPies in the early part of 2008. Amy
Are there any schools in the ocuntry that are specifically for children with food allergies? Dealing with new diagnosis, the advocates in our family want to take action. It seems as if the school...
My child is just starting to enjoy ice cream at age 3. Are all softserves safe? How about the plain vs. sugar cones? Should I stick with the cup? Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks
I received the following email yesterday: Quote: Hi Everyone, We have a FEAST member, Helen Ring, [email]hring@sbcglobal.net[/email] working on a proposal to bring a fundraising FAAN Walk to the Bay...
Please contact your Massachusetts state senator(s) and ask them to support HR Bill 2637. The bill states that "No school district shall prohibit a student with life-threatening allergies from...
FINALLY!!!! Here is the summary text of the Senate Bill. [url="http://landru.leg.state.or.us/07reg/measures/sb1000.dir/sb1040.intro.html"]http://landru.leg.state.or.us/07reg/measures/sb1000.dir/...
Pennsylvanians - TAKE ACTION on Self-Carry!!! We are grateful to PA State Senator Jane Orie for sponsoring Senate Bill 731- a bill which allows food allergic children to carry epinephrine (EpiPen or...
Pennsylvanians - TAKE ACTION on Self-Carry!!! Help us protect Pennsylvania kids who have peanut allergy, vemom allergies, food allergies! We are grateful to State Senator Jane Orie for sponsoring...
Went to Pizzeria Uno last night. Not my favorite place, but the kids love to make their own pizza. Even though we've been there lots of times, I always ask about allergens. I was directed to a...

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