How do we report a user who has acted inappropriately for the site? This person has essentially expressed the opinion that the world be better off if those with peanut allergies did not exist. This...
Hi Folks Please click on this link to send your thoughts to Nabisco regarding their new product, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cream Oreos. Enter your age then select
Dominion and A&P are no longer carrying Chapmans ice cream. They have a new supplier for their in-house brands (Stoney Creek Dairy) who will manufacture Master Choice and Equality ice cream. As...
Here's my letter, going out by email: Hello everybody! As you know, Matt is one of an estimated 11 million Americans who have food allergies. This condition results in over 30,000 emergency room...
Please consider helping get Linda on national tv to promote awareness of life threatening food allergies. I am cutting and pasting most of an email which I (and other food allergy bloggers) received...
The US Department of Transportation is considering peanut allergies in air travel: This is a chance to make your voice heard! Comments may be submitted here:http://regulationroom.org/airline-...
January 14th is the deadline for submitting comments to the FDA on "May Contain" labeling. Let the government know your concerns, stories, suggestions, etc. The link for commenting is: [url="http...
I am seriously thinking of contacting Oprah and/or Good Morning America to ask them to do an expose about soy and peanut allergies. I might contact other shows, as well. I know a producer at GMA, so...
The more I think about the fact that Delta Airlines serves peanuts on their flights, the angrier I become. 2 nights ago my family and I could not board our flight because their incredibly rude crew...
This is posted under another thread, but now that we have this groovy new category, I'll re-post here. Following our Kellog's action, we are going to target ConAgra. ConAgra is a huge parent company...
hi everyone: I am really feeling that peanut allergy information needs more exposure. How about everyone submitting a show idea for peanut allergies and food allergies. I think if we all submit...
I Just Want Some Ice Cream! By Jillian Moores Ah, the summer! It’s starting to get quite hot, the scent of barbequing is in the evening air, and cravings for cold items are beginning to swell in my...
Hi all, I am new to this website. I was wondering if there you have a template of a letter we could use to write to airlines such as Continental and government boards to get them to ban peanuts on...
Our son turned 4 this past September and I am happy to say that he has been free of an anaphylaxic reaction for 2 years now. With much prayer and diligence on our part and those that love him, we are...
...what would you say to everyone? What would you like for people to know?
hi- does everyone want to agree on a day and call this company and demand some cross contamination answers? They have been awful about their allergy policies...let me know what you think
On September 16 the FDA will be holding hearings to talk about cross contamination labeling. It's about time!! They will be discussing a possible uniform in these labels and what wording would be...
Hi everyone, Just a note to let you know that Amercian Express posted the 25 Members Project semifinalists on their web site today, and "Find a Cure for Food Allergies" was not among them. In terms...
Hi everyone, We want to update you on our project "Find a Cure for Food Allergies" to support Food Allergy Initiative's research program. Some people have told us they don't believe this is real, but...
Hi everyone, We are writing to ask your help with a project that is extremely important to us, and we know is important to you: finding a cure for food allergies. We have submitted a project to...

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