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I was wondering what kinds of outreach everyone has done

I was wondering what kinds of outreach everyone has done for peanut allergies? What do you find to be the most effective and/or fun? Do you do letter writing to legislators about restaurant and school policies? Have you held fundraisers for awareness and research? I want to get involved in enacting change to make life easier with a peanut allergy, but I want to see what the best way to go about doing that would be!

By StefLP on Fri, 04-05-13, 17:57

Hi! I recently read an article about how a baseball team held a peanut-free night at their game to raise awareness for people with peanut allergies. This seems like a cool idea! You could also talk to the school about holding a peanut-free bake sale. An event like this would create awareness of peanut allergies and all proceeds could go to research. Hope this helps!

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