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Children's Mercy Allergy Clinics allows peanuts and peanut

Children's Mercy Allergy Clinics allows peanuts and peanut products to be eaten in their waiting areas.

By Chantel Donnan on Sat, 04-27-13, 00:26

That's insane! Thank you for warning everyone, and we'll be sure to spread the petition around! Here's that link again:


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By momtoemie on Sun, 04-14-13, 19:57

That's horrible. My allergist does not allow any food or drink in his waiting room. I would consider finding a new allergist and let them know why you are leaving.

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By ForReece on Sun, 04-07-13, 06:25

I am reaching out to support groups to ask for help in getting peanuts banned from Children's Mercy Allergy Clinic.

Please SIGN and SHARE my petition to get Children's Mercy Allergy Clinic to stop allowing peanuts and peanut products to be eaten in the Allergy Clinic waiting area.

My two-year-old son has a severe peanut allergy. Even though peanuts are known to be deadly, his allergist allows people to eat peanuts and peanut products while sitting right next to him in the allergy clinic. I tried to get this stopped, but I was told that any kind of food ban would be "inconvenient" to the other patients.

Please show your support for my son, and all of the other peanut allergy sufferers who are forced to wait at the allergist's office in fear, by signing my petition.

Thank you!


I'm new, so I apologize if the link isn't allowed. My petition can be found on change.org under Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics -- Allergy Clinic -- Dr. Jay Portnoy -- Make the Allergy Clinic waiting area safe for ALL children -- Ban Peanuts

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