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I changed jobs due to an incident that occurred at work related to my severe food allergies, including peanuts and tree nuts. I am in my 50's , a...
I believe my son was targeted in an event to harm him. I was told by him today (not notified by the school) that when he got back To his classroom...
Does anyone take Amtrak? I'm told they do nothing to accommodate peanut allergies.
Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of you could recommend a safe pizza dough that's peanut free? Before we had my PA son, me and my husband would...
Hi everyone I know since the cumin recall it has been difficult to find Safe taco spice mixes. I just wanted to share that McCormick taco spices...
School instruction is a critical and a fundamental piece of any individual's life. Instruction that is picked up in the school days of an understudy...
Our 8 year old son was recently diagnosis with a severe peanut allergy. I am skeptical because he regularly eats food with peanuts and has never had...
I'm aware of the fact that some cosmetics may contain peanut in some form (peanut oil). I just sent an e-mail to MAC cosmetics, a company of Estee...
Royal Frozen Food, a Los Angeles, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 3,821 pounds of beef and chicken products due to misbranding and...
PROLAINAT is voluntarily recalling all lots of 9.16 oz packages of Trader Joe’s A Dozen Sweet Bites (Chocolate & Coffee “Opéra” Cake, Raspberry “...

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