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By pfmom2 on Fri, 11-14-08, 12:18

I recently ended up in the hospital and am trying to figure out what happened. I recently was diagnosed with asthma, had a cough for about 2 months.
This week, I experienced two episodes. Here were the symptoms for the first one: started with a cough, tunnel vision, felt as if I could pass out, ended up tachycardic (sp), had pressure in my chest and my whole body became full of pins and needles. I also felt itchy but didn't see big hives..... redness though.

2nd episode...I was discharged and only three hours later, ended up with a bad cough, took inhaler and ended up in severe body tremors and tachycardic again...taken to emergency room...and cardiac work-up was done again. Discharged as possible allergic reaction to inhaler.

Any adults who have experienced anaphylaxis, do the above symptoms possible point to that?

I have a child who is anaphylactic to things so have only dealt with this as a parent.

Thanks for any feedback.


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

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By erl on Sat, 12-06-08, 06:36

the Atrovent (ipratroprium) inhaler may cause allergic reactions in people with peanut allergy.

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By pfmom2 on Sat, 12-06-08, 09:12

Thank you, I probably should have put this is off topic. I actually don't think I am allergic to peanut. Although have a child with it who is contact, inhalation and ingestion sensitive, so severely allergic and has asthma.

I do remember that Atrovent and Combivent have peanut oil.


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

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