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Swimming in Indoor Pools Linked to Asthma Risk

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By SpudBerry on Tue, 07-22-03, 18:20

I posted this in a reply about the YMCA, then decided that everyone might not see it there, so I thought I'd post it here too.

Since so many of our PA children are also asthma sufferers I thought this was relative information.

Swimming in Indoor Pools Linked to Asthma Risk

Laurie Barclay, MD

May 29, 2003

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By AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis on Wed, 07-23-03, 00:59

What about outdoor pools? we are at the pool for several hours every day!!!!!

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By SpudBerry on Wed, 07-23-03, 01:06

I think this was specific to indoor pools - I know I always think it's harder to breath in those places.

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By virginia mom on Wed, 07-23-03, 02:30

I'm glad you brought this up. My six year old has asthma and I have noticed that when we spend the day at the pool - outdoors - her asthma kicks up that night. This is the first summer that I have noticed this.

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