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Working mom guilt

Working mom guilt

By [email protected] on Wed, 08-14-13, 17:31

I've worked full time since my kids were born. I've also worked 3 years since my youngest was diagnosed with food allergies. This year she started kindergarten and all is good. The school is great, daycare great, but with this recent change, I've developed horrible anxiety about the # of people taking care of her each day, the idea that the after school daycare is in charge of transporting her epi pen, etc... I want nothing more than to quit and just be home after school with the kids but we can't afford for me to quite and in looking around I can't find a job with more flexible hours. I just feel guilty for leaving her in the care of others while I work. I've felt this before we even dealt with allergies, but now it's so much worse.
Anyone else deal with this guilt? Anyone else work full time with a nut allergy child?

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