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Support groups in Southwest Florida???

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By hapi2bgf on Tue, 05-29-07, 15:57

Does anyone know of a support group in Southwest florida? I am in the Fort Myers area.

If none exist, I would like to start a support group. Any advice or ideas??

I'm a celiac (biopsied 2003) Mom of two. anaphylactic to PCN.
* Daughter, 6: anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts. Allergic to PCN.
*Daughter, 2: Allergy to dairy & casein, and PCN. Suspect shellfish allergy too.
Plus two dogs that make life complete :P

Groups: None
By jennaadams42106 on Tue, 03-06-12, 03:16

I'm moving to that area soon and was wondering if you ever started a group?

Groups: None

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