sunflower seeds

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By seanmn on Mon, 05-24-04, 17:18

Does anyone know if David brand sunflower seeds are ok for a PA child to eat? My DS has been asking if he could buy some, but I
don't know if they are considered in the nut
family or not.


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By NCMom on Mon, 05-24-04, 18:27

I think the issue that arises with sunflower seeds is that they are frequently processed in a plant that processes peanuts or other nuts. Sunflower seeds themselves shouldn't be a problem unless there is another allergy.

Lots of times there is a warning on the package.

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By momma2boys on Mon, 05-24-04, 18:32

[url=""][/url] sells safe sunflower seeds, and trail mix, as well as the Sunbutter.

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By becca on Mon, 05-24-04, 18:39

I very recently contacted David's and was told all the sunflower seeds, kernels and pumpkin seed products are in a pn/nut free facility. The corn nuts(or some other product like that-I had not asked specif. about it) are made in a facility that processes nuts. becca

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By seanmn on Mon, 05-24-04, 19:06

Thank you, Becca. Have you given your child the sunflower seeds?

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By becca on Mon, 05-24-04, 20:41

Not the David's yet, but I will. We had just ordered the Sungold(sunbutter) ones and some of that trail mix, and I decided to hunt down something less expensive we could buy at the store. becca

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By seanmn on Mon, 05-24-04, 23:04

The one's he wants are nacho cheese and the only warning on them is about soy and he is not allergic to that, so I will give them a try. Thanks for your info.

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By becca on Mon, 05-24-04, 23:19


Peanuts or Tree-nut are not processed in the same facilities as the David Sunflower, Pumpkin or Sunflower Kernel products.

David Toasted Corn products ARE processed in a facility that also processes "tree-nuts". This is noted on the package label near the ingredient statement.

ConAgra Foods Consumer Affairs"

This is a copy of the resonse I received, if it makes you feel better. I had specifically replied to them more specifically asking about the flavored ones and shelled kernels. becca

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