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By Margo on Mon, 03-22-99, 18:28

Can anyone provide info or a web site address
for Sully's Living Without a magazine devoted
to people with allergies?

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By aaronboczkowski on Mon, 03-22-99, 19:17

Hi Julie! Living Without has a web site at [url=""][/url] You can read many articles here, subscribe,etc.

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By soy13 on Sun, 08-29-04, 02:25

I did a search as I remember reading about this magazine here. Sometimes the old stuff is still new [img][/img]




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By on Sun, 08-29-04, 02:35

Sue, found it odd to see this to-day, just after posting in the Living Without Magazine thread yesterday. I actually found their website [url=""][/url] quite good and group e-mailed out about it because it had some really interesting stuff on it and I, personally, don't search out too much new allergy information, I get all the info I get from here, but that website did look quite good.

Again, great to see you posting. [img][/img]

Is it sunny right now in Arizona?

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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By soy13 on Mon, 08-30-04, 04:59

Thanks for the nice welcome.

Yes, it is Sunny in Arizona. It would be nice to get a little rain - I am starting my winter garden. I ,also, plant a garden in late February to March. My "crops" are mostly small - but I love the fresh vegetables and the no pesticides taste [img][/img] And I really LOVE working outside.

Stay Safe and keep up with the great advice and caring support that you provide from your heart !

Sue in Sunny Arizona

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By Kim canada on Mon, 08-30-04, 14:01

Sue, you must always remember to put your signature at the bottom - otherwise I think we have another Sue!!!

[img][/img] [img][/img] Miriam

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