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Sudden allergic reaction to almonds

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By BohemianBrunette on Fri, 05-09-08, 05:21

Hey all,

I know this is ironic, since I just joined this board because of my peanut-allergic friend, and I don't have food allergies myself. Well, actually, the last part of that sentence may not be accurate anymore...I think I may be allergic to almonds. The other day, I had a handful of almonds, plus a few miniature almond cookies that my mom had bought, and a few minutes later (within the hour, anyway), an itchy red rash broke out in the middle of my chest, just above my boobs. It itched so much, I couldn't stop scratching all night, which of course made it worse. I put some children's Polysporin on it in the morning (I buy children's Polysporin because it's cheaper than the adult kind), and that seemed to help things temporarily, until this morning. so, I put on more Polysporin after my workout, and it helped with the itching as well. Now all my spots are gone, except for big one in the middle, but I covered that with Polysporin and put two Band-Aids over it, in a cross formation, so they won't fall off. Anyway, I asked my peanut-allergic friend why that had happened to me, and she said that I'm probably mildly allergic to almonds, so I should avoid them, even though I've eaten them without any problems before. Needless to say, though, I don't WANT to eat almonds anymore, because I can't seem to stop associating them with feeling itchy. So.......no more almonds for me. My friend also said that I might want to get a skin test, but since I only broke out once, after snacking on almonds my whole life (and even earlier that day) without any problems, and since "may contain" items don't make me break out, I'm not sure if that's really necessary. I'm thinking I'll just do this the easy way--that is, I won't eat almonds. If I see them in anything, I won't eat that, and if I'm not sure, I'll ask. What do you guys think?

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By gw_mom3 on Fri, 05-09-08, 05:59

Since any allergy can turn anaphylactic without warning, and you need to carry epi-pens in case of that, I would go see an allergist. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. :(

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By BohemianBrunette on Fri, 05-09-08, 15:21

Originally Posted By: gw_mom3Since any allergy can turn anaphylactic without warning, and you need to carry epi-pens in case of that, I would go see an allergist. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. :(

Don't be sorry, GW_Mom3.......I think I made a bigger deal of this than necessary. My rash is almost completely healed, I'm avoiding almonds, and other than that, everything is just fine. :)

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By phoenixrizing69 on Fri, 05-09-08, 15:22

I'm sorry as well. That is actually similar to what prompted me to get tested for nuts allergies. I always suspected I was allergic to nuts before that. But you should definitely get tested. With nut allergies, things can turn very serious, very fast. Good Luck.

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By BohemianBrunette on Sat, 05-10-08, 02:38

Hey all,

I told my mom about the almond-induced rash incident (I'm back home from school for the summer now), and she just agreed that I should avoid almonds for the time being. Meanwhile, my rash has almost completely healed, there's just that one really stubborn spot in the middle that can't seem to go away, so I'm keeping it covered.

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By gufyduck on Sun, 05-11-08, 23:42

I second getting tested and possibly carrying epi. Ever since I was a child, some tree nuts would "make my mouth feel weird". This last fall, I had an anaphylatic reaction from them. To make it worse, I had a second reaction a week later because I ate some cake that I didn't realize had walnuts in it, and had a repeat performance. Not to mention the other possibility for cross contamination with other nuts and peanuts.

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