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By mobobbie on Sat, 01-12-08, 11:10

I am finding good information regarding the use of children's formulas (Robitussin), but, what about the adults? Does anyone use Sudafed? I am working on a killer cold right now that seems to have settled in my ears and sinuses. What products has anyone used?

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By joyojoy on Sat, 01-12-08, 14:37

I just got over a nasty cold myself, so this is fresh on my mind: REAL Sudafed (the one that conatians pseudephedrine) is great stuff -- I especially love the 12- and 24- hour formulas. The new formula doesn't do a thing for me. I also like the Nyquil gel-caps for multi-symptoms before bed: it really knocks me out well.

If you have a cough and chest congestion (which I always get with my colds), Mucinex is great stuff, and worth the expense. I get the one that has the expectorant and cough suppressant.

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By cathlina on Sun, 01-13-08, 21:02

Please do not use Sudafed if you have high blood pressure...it WILL increase your blood pressure.

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By mobobbie on Mon, 01-14-08, 02:30

Thanks for the info! I have heard many (non-allergic) people say the same thing about the new formula. I didn't know you can still purchase the one with Psuedoephedrine... It is good to know I can fall back on something, though.

Thanks, Cathlina, about the blood pressure warning, too. Not an issue for me as I usually run 110/64.

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