Stove Top Stuffing (safe for peanut/tree nut allergies?)

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By TwokidsNJ on Mon, 11-20-06, 00:58

Is Stove Top Stuffing safe for peanut/tree nut allergies? How about Pepperidge Farm?

I just wondered if anyone has any in stock they could check because I have to get back to the class mom tonight to tell her which brand I'm using, for the teacher to make a list to provide to the parents. I couldn't get to the store all weekend; don't worry I am the maker of the stuffing and I will check the specific label of the one I buy before he eats it. I just need to meet the deadline for the list -- a process I really like!


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By Adele on Mon, 11-20-06, 02:25

I just raised a thread in 'MANUFACTURERS FOOD safe and unsafe' about turkey stuffing. I didn't ask specifically for TNA as I am only PA, but hopefully, this info will help.

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By gw_mom3 on Mon, 11-20-06, 06:36

My dd is pa/tna and we use stove top stuffing with no problems. Note that she has only reacted once, and it was to walnut. All other allergies were diagnosed from skin testing (she's been tested twice).




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