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soybean oil

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By barbsch on Sun, 02-18-01, 04:21

I have noticed that if I eat things with Soybean oil in it at night I wake up with a headache the next morning almost like a migraine. Are soybeans and peanuts related and could I be reacting to it with headache instead of my usual hives? I have not yet been able to get my allergy testing done, hopefully soon. Anyone else have similar experience?

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By on Sun, 02-18-01, 04:32

Soy is related to peanuts! They are both in the legume family.

I am not sure if migraines are a typical reaction but that is truly interesting to me. My PA & TNA son has been complaining of a headache everyday for five or so days. His asthma started to act up (much better now) but the most unusual thing to me is that he has been extremely itchy. He will take off his shirt and just start scratching his back, arms, and neck. No rash or bumps! I spoke to our allergists partner and she said to keep a diary of everything that he is eating and how he is that day because it may be a new allergy starting or a new food that was introduced. He has had a soup with beans in it (never ate beans before) and he also ate salmon for the first time. We are supposed to go to the allergist again in April (I think-we made the appointment a year ago and now we are having insurance problems so am not sure).

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By san103 on Sun, 02-18-01, 06:45

My son who is allergic to peanuts, treenuts and soy tolerates soybean oil. He does not get it often, but he has no problem with it so far. I have heard that some soy allergic people do not tolerate soy oil. Soybeans and peanuts are both in the legume family.

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By san103 on Sun, 02-18-01, 06:46

My son who is allergic to peanuts, treenuts and soy tolerates soybean oil. He does not get it often, but he has no problem with it so far. I have heard that some soy allergic people do not tolerate soy oil. Soybeans and peanuts are both in the legume family.

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By maddiesmom on Mon, 02-19-01, 00:36

My daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. The interesting thing is that she can sometimes tolerate soybean oil. Her only reaction to soy is usually an upset stomach (diaharrea). She has accidentally consumed some food that has soybean oil in it and she does not have a reaction. It is so odd and we can't figure it out. Other things she has eaten with soybean oil (that family members have given her) will give her an upset tummy. She loves McDonalds and they cook with soybean oil and she has NEVER had a reaction! SO STRANGE!! I just had her re-tested for soy and she is still the same. I am not sure if it is HOW they process the soybean oil-if that determines if she can handle it? (heat-processed vs cold processed).

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By Head Cook on Mon, 02-19-01, 02:26

My pa son is soy allergic and it came on at 6 years old. He can tolerate soybean oil and soy lecithin, and FAN literature explains that it is due to the processing removing the protein. Soy is in everything else though and hard to avoid. Once my sons soybean allergy was figured out, his asthma got WAY better. And once we figured out that along with a soybean allergy often comes an MSG sensitivity, his headaches are next to never now. Food diaries!!!
Good luck..

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By MJ's Mom on Mon, 02-19-01, 19:19

My son is allergic to Soy in addition to Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and several other foods. I was told by my allergist to go ahead and see if he can tolerate soybean oil...it's in SO many foods and hard to avoid. I do find that he gets a rash on his face and sometimes gets VERY hyper after having soybean oil, so I'm now trying to avoid it. He doesn't speak well enough to tell me if he has other symptoms with soy oil.

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By barbsch on Tue, 02-20-01, 06:41

Thanks everyone for your answers, I think there is a definite connection for me, I ate cookies tonight that contained hydrogenated soybean oil and within a few minutes had a runny nose and an itchy (no hives) face and slightly tingly lips. I'm not positive tho' because there were peanuts in the room being eaten by others but no one near me. tho I suppose the could have been contaminated, I doubt it since the peanuts were opened after everything else was put out, but maybe, guess I'll have to start my food diary. tonight.

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By Deansdad on Wed, 02-01-06, 21:02

I have posted before about my miagraine headaches, with prescription abortive medication doing nothing to help. Recently, I tested positive to Peanuts after being in a family allergy study. I started putting 2+2 together and noticed a migraine pattern when I had eaten peanuts. It was easier to put the pattern together now since we avoided them on account of my son's Peanut allergy. Since there is a correlation between food and migraines, I wonder how many people experience the same thing with allergies and if they are really related?

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By tc on Fri, 02-03-06, 04:41

funny this topic could be brought up. since finding out our daughter is allergic to soy in addition to peanuts, my husband and i cleared our house of all soy products as well, including processed foods with mono-dyglicerides and msg. in my daughter's case, she reacts with ezcema to all types of soy, even oil and lecithin. her eczema has now cleared up for the most part. i often used to get severe headaches but haven't had any in a while, so maybe this is due to the elimination of products with soy ingredients.

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By Lebovitz on Fri, 02-03-06, 16:27

Another soy and peanut allergy here....no fun trying to eliminate soy from a diet! Although "soy lecithen" is the culprit, we still avoid the oil as well.

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