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Soya Lecithin

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By febb on Tue, 10-16-07, 22:15

Hi there,
My 2 year old daughter has a peanut, tree nut and egg allergy which we found out about yesterday. A lot of things she's been eating lately have soya lecithin. Does anyone know if I have to avoid this? Is this ingredient ok for her to consume given her allergies? Thanks for the help!

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By tommysmommy on Tue, 10-16-07, 22:59


My 4-year-old son has a PA (we've known about this for a little over a year now after he was tested by an allergist). I was never told to avoid anyhting other than peanuts/peanut products, including those labled with "may contain" and "processed in a factory that..." We were advised to avoid tree nuts as well, simply to eliminate any chance of confusion on our son's part -- just easier to say "no nuts period." As for soy, I had worried about this too when he was first diagnosed, but was told that is a seperate allergy. He has been eating soy lecithin foods practically every day since his diagnosis. It's always best to double-check with your allergist, but to my knowledge the two ingredients are not related. Hope this helps, and hang in there -- I was so overwhelmed when we first found out about his PA, but in time you learn to gain confidence in your judgements and find that these kids can live in the real world without too much disruption. My son is in preschool with 150+ students among all the classes, and the number of those that have allergies is staggering (all kinds, from PN and TN to red meat, bananas, wheat, etc...); there is so much awareness now, I think it is alot easier for this generation of kids than those who were starting out even ten years ago.

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By febb on Wed, 10-17-07, 00:52

thanks so much, I appreciate the reply. My daughter also has been eating soya lecithin for a bit now, but I guess I'm just so parranoid about every ingredient now that we know she has a PN and TN allergy. I did try to call the allergist today, but he's not back in until Thursday, so I'll just have to hang tight until I hear from him.

And it is quite overwhelming, especially since she's only two and basically we are her voice until she's old enough to tell people herself. Just out of curiosity, does your son wear a medialert braclet stating his allergy?

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By niche on Wed, 10-17-07, 18:57

Hi Welcome,

My son is 5 and it PA and TNA. He eats soy and soy lecithin fine. You would want to check with your childs dr. It is very overwhelming at first, my son was 3 when Diag. so we have been dealing with it for a while. My son doesn't routinely wear a bracelet however if he had not been so verbal and aware early on .
I think I would have gotten him one in case we were separated for any reason. It took us a couple of months but we figured out for us the easiest thing to do would be to tell him no food except from us - none. It has worked well for us.

It does get easier it takes time but it does,

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By febb on Wed, 10-17-07, 19:40

thanks for your reply. She's been eating it for a while, so I'm sure it's fine, but I'll double check anyways!

It is overwhelming at first, but I'm sure in time, as we find products that are safe and make sure she only takes food from us, as you said, then it will get easier!

Thanks for the support!

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By tommysmommy on Wed, 10-17-07, 23:20


No, my son does not have a bracelet at this time, but I might just get him one before he starts public school next year.

I recently read a post from a woman on this sight who has a PA herself, and she put it perfectly: "I eat to live, not live to eat." And that really struck me and took a lot of the fear away -- my son can be a social, involved, happy child, who participates in any activity and can go anywhere, I simply will teach him that he may only take food from my husband and myself, which isn't that much of a difficulty. I have already sent him to a b-day party with his own slice of cake; I fed him at home ahead of time before a neighbor's holiday party; we go to playdates with our own box of snacks. B/c of the prevelance of PA and other FA, no one seems to notice or care. My son certainly doesn't care, and it just isn't worth the risk to do it any other way. As he gets older and is responsible for himself, he will hopefully have been groomed so that it has become a way of life to eat this way. And hopefully, they will have some sort of "cure" in the near future. heck, he can go to restaurants just to enjoy the company and social experience, but eat ahead of time (I do allow him to eat at some American/Italian/or Seafood restaurants, but never allow him to order dessert (and of course inform the server of his PA, and ask her to note that on the order slip so the chef can see), and NEVER EVER allow him to go near Mexican or Asian restaurants). Any concerns I have about a pre-packaged food, I call customer service to double-check -- everyone has always been thorough and friendly.


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By nuttyaboutnuts on Sun, 04-01-12, 01:29

I found out my son was allergic to all nuts except cashews, along with egg, milk, grass, cats, dogs and multiple other household things when he was 5. He grew out of the milk and egg allergies but to this day does not like either one. As for living with the peanut allergy, our motto was "If we can't read it, you can't eat it." He is now 22 years old. Back then this allergy was rare, teachers and schools were not very cooperative, it was a hard way to go. It made him mature very quickly, but he is very responsible and a great young man. He has a little boy now and we are going to get him checked when he turns 1 in a couple days to see if he inherited any of his daddy's trates. (keeping my fingers crossed)

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