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Soy Nut Butters?

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By pennykandy on Tue, 10-09-07, 02:37

Okay, so my DD (10) has only tasted PB 3 times, and they were all when she was less than 3 years old (2 of which resulted in trips to the ER). So she has no real idea what PB tastes like.

This week, one of her close classmates who has also been PA since she has known him has 'outgrown' his allergy. They found out when he accidentally ate something, and didn't react....further testing and food challenges resulted in the discovery that he is no longer allergic. Well he is loving his new found food choices and freedoms, and has apparently told DD how GOOOOOOD PB is!!!!

So, she is, understandably, wondering what she is missing. I have never bought fake peanut butter before, because I didn't want her to like it, and somehow accidentally get confused and eat the real thing. But now, I think she is old enough to know 'the rules' so to speak. So, today, I bought the only Soy nut butter the grocery store had. It was called 'I.M. Healthy Honey Creamy SoyNut Butter' and found in the natural food aisle (there were none in the peanut butter/jelly aisle) I have to say....this stuff smells like real peanut butter, but tastes more like....CLAY!!!! It's horrible!

After staring at the sandwich I made her for about 15 minutes (unable to believe that this sandwich was actually peanut free) she finally took a bite and hated it. Now, of course it may be that she would have hated it no matter what it tasted like just based on the fact that she's been trained to hate the smell, but....

My question is this.......do all Soy Nut Butters taste like clay? Or are there good alternatives that actually do taste more like PB?


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By Peg541 on Tue, 10-09-07, 05:35

I never tasted soy nut butter but I did taste pea butter which still gives me nightmares. I think once you like Peanut Butter, the real thing, nothing will replace it. For me at least, probably not everyone.

Be careful because lots of those allergic to Peanuts are allergic to soy as well.


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By momto4boys on Tue, 10-09-07, 11:57

I also thought that soy butter were pretty bad. I even tried adding marshmallow fluff to it (not very healthy I guess) and that made it edible to my then 2 year old. I have since found Sunbutter and love it. My son likes it also. I do warn about confusion with PB (I will post in the reaction section about this). I had a horrible time trying to find a PB substitute for ME when DS was diag with PA and really like the Sun butter (especially the Honey Crunch - kids like creamy though). It is made from sunflower seeds and that is exactly what it tastes like. It doesn't taste like PB to me but works very well in the same appplications as PB. Hope this helps.

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By mom2boys1975 on Tue, 10-09-07, 14:09

My oldest ate PB almost every day before his younger brother was diagnosed with PA. I buy him sunbutter now which he eats 2-3 times per week. He seems to think it's a good substitute for PB. I think it kind of tastes like PB, but I think it has a funky after taste.

We tried soy butter too and we thought the sunbutter had a better taste. I get it at trader joes since I have yet to see anything like it at the supermarket.

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By gw_mom3 on Tue, 10-09-07, 20:07

Hmm I love soy nut butter. lol. And I used to be a pretty big PB eater. DD, who is PA/TNA likes it too. We've tried sunbutter but she prefers the soy.

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By mom0810 on Wed, 10-10-07, 16:06

I LOVE the IM Healthy soy butter. Guess it's just been a while since I had PB. :)

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By pennykandy on Thu, 10-11-07, 00:02

Thanks everyone, I will see if I can find the sunbutter. I have a close friend who has offered to make her house peanut free as well...althought that's not something I would ask her to do. So she's looking for a good alternative too.

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By JND on Thu, 10-11-07, 10:27

I also don't like most soynut butters, except for Simple Foods soynut butter. We've only been able to get the cinnamon flavor, and we think it's great. We also LOVE sunbutter (both the Trader Joe's version and the original "Sunbutter" version). My PA daughter was thrilled to try it to see what PB tastes like.


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By sidni on Thu, 10-11-07, 13:15

I dont particularly like that IM Hleaht ysoy nut butter (although it works for baking)... There is a brand called Freenut butter (which is another soynutbutter) which is available in Canada and has a creamier consistency. One thing, though-- the IM healthy CHOCOLATE soynut butter is really good. it doesnt take like nutty anything, just... chocolatey. I am guessing it might be something like nutella, but I'm not sure.

personally, I have really grown to love PEABUTTER. My boyfriend was a peanutbutter FIEND before he met me and the peabutter has really been the only alternative that satisfies him. He says it reminds him a lot of the natural "health food store" peanut butter. My dad also loves PB but seems to have really taken a liking to the Sunflower seed butter.
Hope this helps!

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By mom2boys1975 on Thu, 10-11-07, 14:08

Where do you get pea butter? I am missing PB&J so bad and sun and soy butter just don't do it for me.

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By kurtmahon on Mon, 08-29-11, 12:49

I have seen a lot of good testimonials for Wowbuter on this site. Maybe you should give it a try.

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