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Son\'s Red and Itchy Ears

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By nancy023 on Mon, 01-20-03, 01:17

My PA son has been getting bright red ears that he says are really hot. He holds them against the glass windows to cool down. There are no other symptoms, but my gut says this is allergy related. I have a doctor's appointment, but has anyone else seen this?

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By Jeannine on Mon, 01-20-03, 01:38

My DD often has itchy ears but I think it is her eczema. Have you checked the skin in the crease behind his ears? If it's cracked and scaly then it might be eczema.

I hope it's not PA but I'm new and really don't know.

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By cynde on Mon, 01-20-03, 01:58

My sons ears got red and itchy when he was very young and having a reaction. He always had other symptoms, the ears were just one of the first to appear.


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By California Mom on Mon, 01-20-03, 13:16

Poor little guy! I have no helpful info. but I hope you get to the bottom of it. Miriam

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By Nutty Mama on Mon, 01-20-03, 15:25

My son's left ear was red during his only rxn. He also had hives on his stomach. Benadryl cleared it all up. Hope this helps.

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By Dawn on Mon, 01-20-03, 15:28

Hmmmm...I'm glad you brought this up! No advice here, but my son also gets bright red ears. He does have excema, but I've never noticed it behind his ears. I just assumed it was from being overheated, the way my daughter's cheeks flush. Please let us know if you figure things out. I will be paying closer attention to my son's ears!

Be safe,

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By Peg541 on Mon, 01-20-03, 15:39

When my histamines are active or when I forget to take my Clarinex my ears get red and itchy. This is a very common sign that my allergies are acting up.

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By cathlina on Tue, 01-21-03, 00:40

I get bright red ears when I am overly anxious. They don't itch at all.

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By river on Tue, 01-21-03, 00:54

nancy023, I happened to be surfing tonight for information on cod liver oil and I thought of your post when I came across this description of an allergic reaction suffered by a young boy. It describes the same red, and hot ear symptoms.


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By nancy023 on Tue, 01-21-03, 01:30

Thanks for all your comments and sympathy. I feel awful for him, too. I think it is histamine related, but I am wondering if it is a newly developing food allergy. The poor kid is already allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, peas, beans, eggs, turkey, and soy. We're running out of things to feed him. Oh shoot, his Dr. appt. is tomorrow and I just gave him Benadryl. No skin testing. Maybe I'll get an order for blood testing. Thanks again.

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By Cindia on Tue, 01-21-03, 07:17

Dear Nancy023

This is interesting. My son also gets the red hot ears. Only occasionally. And they actually do feel hot to the touch. (And it is not accompanied by a fever) The first time my doctor said it was an outer ear infection (whatever that means). The second time he actually had a double inner ear infection.

I really don't know what this is. If you get some answers, please pass them on to us.
Thanks and good luck!

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By ACBaay on Tue, 01-21-03, 15:11

My son also occasionally gets the hot, red ear (usually only 1 ear). No other symptoms. I have not been able to tie it to anything, but it has happened before he eats, and it goes away on its own in an hour or so. I am very interested if anybody figures this out. Nancy023, I hope that your son has no additional food allergies.
Take care,

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By dmbb on Wed, 01-22-03, 01:55

My PA son had red, hot ears one time this past year. We have no idea what brought it on.

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By cooper on Wed, 01-22-03, 01:57

My DS also gets bright red ears from time to time. He's 9 and PA/TN (hope that's the right abbreviation for peanut and tree nut allergic). He's very fair skinned with blond hair, and often when he is writing or working on the computer, his cheeks get red and hot too. I asked the pediatrician about it at his last check up, but he couldn't come up with an explanation. It seems to look worse than it feels, tho. His doctor called him "high color" and my DS does blush easily. I never thought about it as related to the allergy and will be interested to read more from you guys.

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By nealsmom on Wed, 01-22-03, 07:20

Before my DS started taking antihistamines, his ears would get so hot and red that he had to put something cold on them. He does not have that problem now.

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By cooper on Wed, 01-22-03, 15:50

Nealsmom, does your son take antihistamines on a regular basis? I'm not very familiar with environmental allergies - is that why? If you don't mind me asking.

Also I had another thought, my DS has always sneezed when he goes out in the sun. We used to say he was allergic to the sun. Years ago, his pediatrician said it's not uncommon and gave me a logical explanation involving my son's brain, the sunlight triggers, and some other stuff which obviously I have completely forgotten in my advanced age. But I guess I've just thought of these sorts of reactions as indicative of my son's sensitivity to so many things. Anyway, I'm probably way off the topic now. Sorry!

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By nealsmom on Wed, 01-22-03, 17:44

Cooper, Yes, he takes several different kinds daily. He takes the antihistamines
for the environmental and food allergies.
Also, he takes them for Chronic Urticaria
and angioedema. The Urticaria is hives resulting from the allergies.

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By twhite000 on Wed, 01-22-03, 23:50

My daughter's first reaction was BRIGHT red ears and eyebrows. Benadryl cleared it up, but that's how we discovered her allergy.

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By nancy023 on Thu, 01-23-03, 21:25

My son had his allergist appt today. She (the Dr.) did not think his red, hot ears were because of allergies, but she encouraged me to keep a food diary to make sure. Some foods that she said particularly cause "blushing" are caffeine, chocolate, banana, (expensive type)cheeses, and nitrates in processed meats; but she said the blushing usually includes more than just one area.

She thought his ear problems were due to a vaso (some other word, too but I didn't write it down) irregularity that he would outgrow, kind of like hot flashes in menopausal women. She said her son had the same thing, and it is not well understood and not uncommon. I am glad it isn't a new allergy, but I think I'm becoming allergy paranoid.

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By mom2zoe on Fri, 01-24-03, 02:42

My daughter Zoe gets really red and itchy ears every now and then and it's usually eczema. She'll scratch it till it bleeds if I don't catch it on time. So yeah, look at the outer year (usually it'll be dry and scaly), behind the ear, lower earlobe area. Hope this helps.

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