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Son doesn\'t want to sit at PF table

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By ants mom on Wed, 07-30-08, 02:03

My 9 year old son is entering 4th grade this school year. He has always sat at a peanut free table in the cafeteria. He is allowed to bring one friend from his class. He has asked if he can sit with his class this year and not at the PF table. He hates to have to choose a friend and would rather sit with all his friends. The school no longer serves PB as part of the lunch menu though kids are allowed to bring it in from home. My son's friends do not bring PB because of him (they are a great group of kids). Should I push this change with the school nurse and principal? My DS is very cognizant of his allergies, and I think is capable of making this transition (though it does scare me a little). I thought that if he sits at an end seat and not next to or across from anyone with PB (his friends), he should be okay. I always encourage DS to take control of his allergies and asthma, and I think this is a step in that direction. Any suggestions???

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By cristym on Wed, 07-30-08, 03:00

Have you discussed it with your sons allergist at all? I would check with them and see how they feel about it.

Last year in second grade, my son asked the allergist if he had to sit at the Peanut Free table. My allergist replied, in a funny way but it also showed what he should avoid. "If there is PB or anyonther foods smeared on the table should you sit and eat there? Are you going to grab someone elses food or drink and eat it or drink it? Are you going to play in someone elses food or drink? Are you going to eat from the table or from a plate? Are you going to kiss anyone at the table?" My son replied No or yuck NO to all of them. So the Dr said he could sit with his class mates. The Dr also told me that my younger one would need to remain in a Peanut Free enviroment while eating until she could understand and avoid cross contamination herself.

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By mom2landz on Wed, 07-30-08, 16:29


i like your allergist! ;)

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By intoeden on Fri, 08-01-08, 23:41

I think letting him eat with the rest of the group is a good idea. My daughter is 7 and I sometimes think she may be able to handle it but I won't do it this year. 10 sounds like a good age to let him take on this responsibility. And it sounds like a good environment also. Good luck mom!!!!!


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By Mrsdocrse on Sat, 08-02-08, 12:33

I don't have this issue as my son is in a peanut free school. However, at 9 it appears that he can take responsibility for himself! this is great! I applaud him for it. I would let him.

I am sure he would remove himself from the situation if it was not comfortable for him.

however, the school may feel differnt. I would consult the nurse and the allergist

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By kaylee3 on Sun, 08-03-08, 04:51

ants mom-
I went through the same thing when i was in 5th and 6th grade. So i definitely understand where your son is coming from. My school used to make me sit at a PF table and I truely hated it. I felt like an outcast from the rest of the grade. At 10 and 11 years old I thought it was a really stupid idea cause I knew better than to eat it. I think your son's logic is on the same track with mine, I think he just wants to "fit in" with the rest of the grade. So as a former PF table "member" if you will, i hope this helps. Good luck with your son.

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By ants mom on Sun, 08-03-08, 14:26

Thanks so much for all of your input. I think I am going to talk to the school nurse and the principal. My son is really adamant about not wanting to sit at the PF table. He has taken a great deal of responsibility for his allergies over the past year and I think (and hope) he will be fine!

Thanks again

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