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Softserve ice cream safe?

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By lreichpink on Tue, 03-20-07, 19:44

My child is just starting to enjoy ice cream at age 3. Are all softserves safe? How about the plain vs. sugar cones? Should I stick with the cup? Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks

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By jenelle on Wed, 09-05-07, 13:56

My gut feeling is no, it is hard to guarantee the safety of ice cream that you buy because some flavors have nuts or just nut flavoring. Cross-contamination risk is too great, I think.

We make our own ice cream with a cuisinart ice cream machine. It is really easy and we know it is totally nut-free every time!

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By bethc on Wed, 09-05-07, 14:24

McDonald's soft-serve is safe, although you have to make your own decision about whether you want to get food from a place that does have some peanut things in the McFlurries. But the cones and sundaes are separate from the McFlurries, so lots of PA people do go for the ice cream.

Wendy's Frosties are safe, but they're in a cup.

Some softserves can be safe, but you'd have to look into each one. I haven't ventured into that at any ice cream places. And I don't feel comfortable with it from DQ, although some people do if they talk to the people working there about avoiding cross-contamination.

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By Jimmy's mom on Wed, 09-05-07, 21:26

The safety of soft serve varies. I think, in general, soft serve is more likely to be safe than scooped ice cream, but it really is case by case.
Rita's is safe. There is at least one thread about it. You can check to see if there is a location near you: [url="http://www.ritasice.com/"]http://www.ritasice.com/[/url]


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By ajas_folks on Thu, 09-06-07, 00:09

If you want the "cone" experience (we use Joy brand mini cones, regular) --
buy a Wendy's Frosty, race home, pour it into baggie, snip corner of baggie, squeeze it into cone in swirl pattern.

Works great.


Do separate search here & ingredient check on cones -- I believe Keebler are Ok too, but do check.

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