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Snyders of Hanover pretzels

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By on Sat, 09-29-01, 02:27

Snyders pretzels are made in a nut/peanut free place.

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By Heather2 on Tue, 10-09-01, 15:48

Yes, I just called them and they confirmed that their pretzels are safe for my son with PA/TNA. The phone number is 800-233-7125 x 1410 and the website is [url="http://www.snydersofhanover.com"]www.snydersofhanover.com[/url] if anyone else is interested.

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By SF on Tue, 10-16-01, 01:25

Thanks for posting the contact info. I plan to call them; are you only referring to their pretzels? Did they say that all their products/chips are safe too?

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By on Tue, 10-23-01, 03:25

SF,I only asked about the pretzels. I did not know they made anything else. What else do they make?

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By twinkiesmom on Fri, 01-25-02, 19:28

The chocolate dipped pretzels have a "may contain peanut" warning. I did email the company from the link on the website, and they said the company that does the chocolate dipping also dips peanuts.

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By SF on Mon, 02-25-02, 16:12

I contacted Snyders of Hanover today to ask again and inquire about their new line called "eatsmart" Veggie crisps. They informed me the company does not use peanuts or tree nuts and the only item I plan to stay away from is the Choc. and White Fudge dips (choc dipped pretzels) since they send the pretzels to be dipped elsewhere in a facility that is not nut free.

I am so happy they are a nut free company! Check out their website to see the new safe products: [url="http://www.snydersofhanover.com"]www.snydersofhanover.com[/url]
When I called I spoke with Betsy:
(800) 233-7125 x 5261

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By SF on Tue, 10-22-02, 01:33

I just purchased Snyders mini pretzel bags for Halloween! I think this is perfect for Halloween and plan on contacting them to check again on PA and also suggest they make these smaller individual sized mini bags available year round... one more item to add to the lunch box! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By SF on Thu, 10-02-03, 00:51

I was at Target the other day and they have the Snyder's pretzels packaged in small bags again for Halloween...great job, Snyder's of Hanover! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By toomanynuts on Sat, 11-22-03, 10:36

Just wondering if anyone knows if they are still nut free - I looked at their website seems to me that they make several pb pretzels and other products that look to me as if they could easily cross contaminate the plain pretzels.

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By SF on Tue, 12-02-03, 00:05

toomanynuts: read my post above and contact them if you still have concerns. Remember, we all have different comfort levels, but double check to be sure they are still nut free.

We use them all the time.

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