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Snow Cones

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By on Wed, 05-22-02, 02:14

I have been unsure about the flavorings used for snow cones, so have never bought one. Finally bought a snow cone maker and contacted one of the flavor makers...can't recall the name of the company but will post that in a day or two. The point is that the company does use nut extracts, artificial and natural flavors. So we made snow cones w/ frozen Orange Juice, lemonade,apple juice, grape gatorade, and mixed berry juice so far. The kids loved all but the berry juice which didn't have much flavor left after freezing.

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By smack on Wed, 05-22-02, 13:33

We go to this yearly picnic and they have snow cones and I have let my son have them before. Ones of those things I wouldn't have thought there would be a problem with...I know, I'm not as careful as some but Thank you kstreeter for opening my eyes up on this one.
I also let him have the Candy Floss, without any problems so far.

I'll be watching for your follow-up on this one kstreeter.

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By Triciasmom on Wed, 06-12-02, 00:48

We use the Hawaiice flavoring. Haven't had any problems. Never really was concerned. Maybe I am getting lax, less freakish about pa in general.


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By AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis on Wed, 06-12-02, 03:00

We have a snow cone machine and use frozen juice concentrates on it (such as raspberry lemonade, apple, grape) and it is health without the artificial colors and flavors and the kids love it!

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By AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis on Thu, 05-12-05, 18:33

hey, this issue has come up again for me!

in school, a mom is making snow cones for her daughter's birthday and is using RIVAL snow cone syrup flavors.

I am on hold with the company now and their first response when i asked them about ingredients and food allergies was to contact my pediatrician.

WHAT????????????????????????????????????? is the pediatrician going to tell me about your ingredients??????? I don't think so. THen she came back and read the ingredients to me. Then when i asked her about cross contamination , she had no idea. I told her that the FDA will require that the company knows this information in jan 2006. DUH!!!!

she put me on hold and then came back and said it was safe for him!

anyone else have experience with this?


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By Donni on Thu, 05-12-05, 22:08

I've never contacted Rival (didn't know about them) but I recently had the occasion to contact both Koldkiss and Deni.

I received this e-mail on 1/29/05 in response to my inquiry re Koldkiss Snow Cone Syrup:

All of Koldkiss' products may have possible traces of nut oils. We do not use nut oils in everything we produce, however our mixing tanks could possibly have traces and could therefore possibly cross contaminate other items we manufacture. Call me if you have any further questions. 410-675-6675 10am - 4pm M-F. [email][email protected][/email]

I received this e-mail on 2/4/05 in response to my inquiry re Deni Snow Factory Syrups ([email protected]).

In response to contacting the factory that makes our syrups,
we received the following email. The syrup flavors that this
factory produces for us are cherry(#5751), grape(#5752), and
blue raspberry(#5753), and are packaged in 24.5 oz. bottles.
We understand the importance of making sure that our products are safe for
those who suffer from nut allergies. I can assure you that there are no
nuts or nut protein residues in any DaVinci Gourmet Syrup, whether Natural,
Classic or Sugar Free. Our entire line of nut syrups do not contain any nut
extracts or components originating from nuts and are safe for people having
nut allergies. We have purposely sourced nut flavoring for our various
syrups to be free from nut allergens to avoid any chance of
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Tina Dowdy
Customer Service Supervisor
Kerry Foodservice - Beloit
1-800-325-3383 x23
I trust that this response has answered your questions.
If you have any further concerns, please call our toll
free number, 1-800-336-4822.
Keystone Customer Service

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By TinaM on Fri, 07-15-05, 12:36

We have a machine and my son has done the Rival flavors, I know the grape. I just know I read something here about someone contacting them and it being safe??? You might try a search.

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By Lori Anne on Thu, 06-28-07, 21:22

Any current info on Rival flavoring for snow cones? I've been emailing them and waiting and waiting...

They keep saying that they will get back to me.

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By pa/ta mom on Wed, 07-04-07, 19:46

I called Rival a few weeks ago and I was told that the snow cone flavorings are safe for my son who is pa and ta.

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