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Slidell, Louisiana

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By Momma Kitty on Thu, 01-13-00, 05:07

I have just moved to Slidell, Louisiana just across the lake from New Orleans. I miss my incredible support group in southern california and would like to find out if there is one in this area. If not is anyone interested in starting one. Please contact me. (My email has changed to [email]pmconger@aol.com[/email] I don't think it has been updated on my member profile here.)
I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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By Momma Kitty on Fri, 06-02-00, 14:23

Still looking for
New Orleans/Slidell/Covington/Mandeville area support group... anyone out there?

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By DanielleCash on Wed, 01-12-11, 22:53

My son has Aspergers which is a form of Autism, and I was wondering if there was a support group in slidell, la for parents with children with Aspergers.

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By aspiegurl on Sun, 03-27-11, 21:51

Hi - I am new here 2. ( I live over in Pearl River. ) I am an adult with AS, looking 4 other adults with AS. If U, or some1 U know is interested in chatting, or even possibly getting 2gether, please let me know.

* I can B reached @ aspiegurl@gmail.com

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By mjmorganx4 on Thu, 05-05-11, 01:24

My son also has Aspergers. We live in waveland bur do everything in Slidell. I would love to talk to you about your son and if you have found a support group. My email is mjmorganx4@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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