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Should my 4 year old carry his own epi-pen while at school?

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By hollys2funboys on Wed, 08-13-08, 18:04

Hi everyone,

My pn/tn allergic 4 year old son will be starting junior kindergarten in September. I have been looking at all sorts of carrying devices for epi-pens online but now I'm wondering if he is still too young and whether he should be carrying one at all. Of course, his teacher would have access to at least 2 or three epi-pens (one in office, one in backpack, one with teacher) so should I add a fourth along with a new carrying device/belt?

Just wondering what other parents of young children are doing.


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By missusp on Mon, 08-18-08, 01:30

I have an almost 4 year old, and I would say that an extra epipen on his belt is probably NOT necessary, unless it is a BIG school (meaning the epi pen would be more than a 20 second run away).

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By adruland on Mon, 08-18-08, 20:10

I just bought a case for my 5 year old going to kindergarten. I bought the first one from FAAN, but it was TOO big for my little guy. I just received one from [url="http://www.medipouch.com/."]http://www.medipouch.com/.[/url] It is wonderful. It is up to you, but for me I like knowing it will always be right there.

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By Mrsdocrse on Thu, 08-21-08, 13:01

Hi There

My personal opinion is that a 4 year is not old enough to carry his own epi... actually at the schools my DS attends he CAN'T carry his own until middle school. The pre school he went o was small and the teacher kept it in the class room in a cabinate. We velcrowed the box to the inside of the door. The play ground was right directly out side the classroom so we didn't have to have another one. Now that he is older 2nd grade and in a public school there is one in the nurses office. the cafe is just across the hall and the playground is about 1000 yards from the front of school where the nurse is. So that is all we have. They still won't let him carry his own.

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By hollys2funboys on Fri, 08-22-08, 19:18

Thanks for your responses. I really appreciate it.

My son will be attending a large elementary school - around 700 children - and I'm not sure yet where his classroom will be in relation to the main office. We have a meeting with his teacher on September 8th. I think we are leaning towards not having him carry his own epi-pen, but we would have at least three in the school - one in his backpack, one with the teacher, and one in the office.

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