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Shea Nuts

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By BS312 on Wed, 08-31-05, 01:28

Has anyone had a reaction to shea nut butter/oil?

Is the shea nut a tree nut?

Is there a RAST or skin prick test for shea nut allergy?

If you are allergic to tree nuts, do you avoid shea nut products?

PA DD's teacher's assistant has asked whether it would be okay for her to use a hand cream containing shea nut oil or butter around DD. The cream would probably get on DD's papers, etc. and DD has life-threatening tree nut allergies. I think I should ask the assistant not to use it, but would like to have some information to back me up.

Can anyone provide a good link to information about the shea nut? Most web sites I've found seem to be selling shea nut products and are probably unreliable. TIA.

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By Momcat on Wed, 08-31-05, 05:13

Try searching for "sheanut" or "shea". I seem to remember a thread about this.


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By BS312 on Wed, 08-31-05, 11:26

Thanks Cathy-Searching under "sheanut" worked...I had searched under "shea nut" and couldn't find anything.

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