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Shea Butter allergic reation

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By susieQ on Sun, 04-15-07, 00:24

Hi everyone! I am new here to this site. My daughter is 4 yrs. old with asthma and a p.a. About a week ago I bought and started using the Johnson&Johnson shea butter baby bath and lotion and within a week, she broke out with a hivey type rash under her arm and it progressively got worse and spread to the rest of her body. Luckily I was at her allergist on Mon. with my other daughter, who has no allergies and she took a look at the hives. I told her about the shea butter baby bath. (It was the only thing different that I had used. I tend to stick to the same soaps and detergents b/c my peanut allergy daughter's skin is very sensitive.) She said it was most likely from the shea butter. Now that I have read a little bit about it I found out it is derived from a nut tree in Africa. Although she tested neg. to tree nuts, I am confused as to why she would have reacted to this product. Has anyone else had any problems with allergic reactions to shea butter??

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By Momcat on Sun, 04-15-07, 01:03

They probably did not test her for shea nut since they have to test each nut separately. Sometimes, as a screening test, they test several nuts at the same time. This mix would not typically include shea nut.


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By susieQ on Sun, 04-15-07, 01:08

wow. Thats interesting. I had no idea that when they tested for tree nuts that they tested for each individual nut. That seems like alot considering that they're ALOT of different tree nuts. I thought a tree nut was a tree nut. Thanx for the tidbit though.

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By krasota on Sun, 04-15-07, 01:15

It could've been something else in the product. Or she could be allergic to shea/karite and no other treenuts.

Also, there are reports of shea butter reactions in individuals allergic to natural rubber latex.


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By susieQ on Sun, 04-15-07, 01:38

Yes, I did read about the latex ingredient in the shea butter which seems kind of weird. Although myself and my sister have a latex allergy, my daughter has never had any type of reaction to it and has not had any testing for it.

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By MimiM on Sun, 04-15-07, 18:30

How quickly did the rash appear? Then, how long did it take to go away.

It seems that if it was an allergic rash, it would have been every part of her body that was bathed, not just part of it.

I would not necessarily assume that it's from shea butter. There are way more things that can cause rashes than allergens. Most of the time, the cause is never found.

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By Rae1 on Wed, 01-11-12, 18:36

As a child, I, too, was diagnosed as having sensitive skin and throughout my life I have been prone, off and on, to various allergic skin outbreaks and tissue swellings. Sometimes, one outgrows or develops immunities to childhood allergies, only to find new immune deficiencies as one ages. In my case, the childhood 'sensitivity' to grass, chocolate, eggs, dander, pollen, et al. seems to have gone away and then been "replaced" later (I'm over 50) by allergies to penicillin, neosporin and most recently, shea butter.

I hope that you can find a mild treatment that is not addictive(antibiotics), regressive, or too prolonged. AMA-Certified Dermatologists seem to know best. Meanwhile, almost every cosmetic and hair product seem to be trying their best to incorporate shea butter. I say, 'Whatever happened to coco butter?' and when can we expect to see some warning labels instead of teeny-tiny ingredients lists?

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