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Shaving cream?

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By meleldredge on Fri, 10-06-06, 20:47

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of a peanut/tree nut free Shaving cream? My PA DD's class is doing handwriting skills using shaving cream next week. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you,


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By ajas_folks on Fri, 10-06-06, 21:07

My hubby (not PA or allergic, but 2 face-smooching kids are) uses Aveeno brand, but it is a shave gel & I don't know if you must have a cream.

I believe the Aveeno is nut & peanut free. He uses the fragrance free version.

We get it at Walmart (forgot to look where you are located).

Hope this helps a little.

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By Corvallis Mom on Fri, 10-06-06, 21:58

We've used the cheap-o Colgate brand and also Barbasol.... we have to go with something aloe-free as well. The Barbasol cans have ingredient listings.

(My DD [i]LOVES[/i] this as an "art" project.... a little bit of liquid food coloring and you can keep her happy for an hour. She's [i]SEVEN.[/i] )

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By meleldredge on Fri, 10-06-06, 22:06

ajas_folks and Corvallis Mom

Thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate your help.
Also, Corvallis Mom. Thanks for the great Idea to use food coloring. I will pass that along to DD's teacher.


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