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sesame seeds in Wonder Potato Bread

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By carrie on Mon, 02-05-01, 17:47

My son is possibly allergic to sesame seeds. I was buttering some toast made from Wonder Potato Bread and I noticed a sesame seed on the bottom of the crust. I freaked and looked at the whole loaf and it was covered with sesame seeds on the bottom crust of the loaf. I have called the company and they are calling me back to pick up the loaf. I will let you know if anything comes of this---I guess it is another example of never letting your guard down.
stay safe,

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By carrie on Mon, 02-05-01, 18:14

I have contacted the FDA and FAN. The FDA is going to file a complaint and have someone inspect the plant. FAN wants me to call them with any info I get. The Wonder bread company is supposably calling me back to send someone out to pick up the loaf of bread. Just wanted to keep you posted.
FAN has all the FDA phone numbers if you ever have a problem.

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By California Mom on Mon, 02-05-01, 18:59

Thanks for letting us know, and good for you for getting FAN and the FDA involved.

My child also has possibly reacted to sesame seeds. After having eaten them (probably) hundreds of times without a problem she once took a bite of bread with sesame seeds and said that it made her tongue scratchy. A few weeks later she ate some tahini and said her lips hurt; within about 15 minutes she had hives around her mouth. We got a RAST test done and it came back a "2". The allergist said to keep her off of them. We've been doing that but we are always curious: is she really allergic or not?! I hate to have to keep her off of another entire food product if she really isn't allergic. I'm curious to know what symptoms your son has had and how you are planning to determine if he is or isn't truly allergic to sesame seeds. Our doctor didn't think a challenge made sense and she said she can't get a reliable serum for a skin test. Thanks, Miriam

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By carrie on Mon, 02-05-01, 19:55

Hi California Mom-
My son is now 5 and 1/2. When he was almost 2, he had a single cracker with sesame seeds(pepperidge farms, I believe)--he got a raised rash around his mouth. It went away only after I gave him Benadryl. When I took him later that year to the allergist, they gave him skin tests and they forgot to do the sesame one. Therefore, I do not have a test result to back it up. I only have what I saw and it definately was an allergic reaction in my eyes. Interestingly, I ate a lot of sesame seed bagels, peanut butter and honey-walnut cream cheese while pregnant and nursing him. Hope this helps--

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By California Mom on Mon, 02-05-01, 21:07

Thank you Carrie, that does help. The reason I am having so much trouble with this with my own daughter is because she had eaten sesame seeds and sesame seed products for so long and so often before her "reactions". I do know that people can become allergic to anything at any time, but it still seems so strange. Leah's hives went away with benadryl, too. I certainly don't want to risk another exposure, particularly since her only peanut reaction prior to her anaphylactic one was hives around the mouth. It's eerily similar. Thanks again, and I hope you don't mind me "butting in" to your thread. Miriam

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By rebekahc on Tue, 02-06-01, 04:55

How scary about those sesame seeds. Please keep us updated on what happens.

California mom - Logan had eaten sesame seeds on hamburger buns and lots of other places before he ever reacted. His first reaction to sesame seeds was anaphylaxis after eating 2 bites of a sesame seed pretzel.


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By on Thu, 03-22-01, 03:53

My 4 year old is pa. I cannot remember if he has ever had sesame, but since reading that the reaction to sesame can be as extreme and immediate as to peanuts, I am afraid to let him try sesame. So I too am avoiding it and wondering if I am just adding unnecessary stress and restriction to my family. When I asked my allergist if the two allergies commonly occur together, she indicated that their is no evidence of cross sensitivity. Did the anaphylactic reaction result from a minute amount of sesame?

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By Going Nuts on Thu, 03-22-01, 14:39

Kevin had also eaten sesame many, many times with no problem, until one night he ate a roll with sesame seeds and erupted in hives all around his face. His allergist RAST-ed him (doesn't it sound like a curse or something?) and he was positive - I don't remember his score.


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By California Mom on Thu, 03-22-01, 18:04

Hi Amy, thanks for bringing this topic up again. Reading about others whose children have also reacted to sesame after many previous exposures makes me feel that Leah really may be allergic. (I find myself frequently lapsing into thinking that she truly couldn't be.) The only "good" thing is that sesame seeds seem to ususally be pretty visible and not "hidden" in lots of products. At this point we haven't been too worried about cross contamination with sesame seeds; I hope that won't need to change for us. I cannot imagine forbidding Leah to eat bagels, for example. I wonder whatever happened with the wonder bread and the FDA. Carrie: any updates? Miriam

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By Going Nuts on Fri, 03-23-01, 00:08


One of the places sesame seeds lurk is in commercial bread crumbs (ie, Progresso, 4C, Jason, etc.). I started getting mine from the bakery, and boy - are they ever good!


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By on Fri, 03-23-01, 02:49

I am beginning to wonder if Jacob is allergic to sesame. He also ate these several times before in his life. He ate some in a cracker a few weeks ago and he was extremely itchy all over his body for two days (no visible rash). I attempted it again a week later as he also had a few other new foods and he had diarrhea. He goes to the allergist in a few weeks and I will request that he be tested.

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