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Sesame Allergy

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By margaret on Tue, 03-08-05, 15:52

Is anyone else avoiding sesame? DS was recently diagnosed pa and tna. His skin test was positive for sesame. He has eaten them in the past. But in the recent past, we can only recall him having a stray seed (cross contamination) here or there. Allergist wants strict avoidance until we can get back RAST results and challenge if RAST is negative. Any advice? Is McDonald's out of the question now? (the only restaurant our whole family can eat at (DD is dairy allergic)) Or are there "safe" items at MCD? What about bread? Is anyone comfortable with Wonder White? That is what we have been using for years. Help!

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By JacksonsMom on Tue, 03-08-05, 19:59

My PA/TNA son also has a sesame allergy. We are strictly avoiding all traces of sesame with hopes that he will outgrow it. (his RAST test result was a class 2 - or .97 units , so this is low enough to hope that he can outgrow it)

As far as bread - I do not trust any premade stuff, I bake my own. At first I was overwhelmed at the thought, but if you can borrow or buy a bread machine, it is really quite easy. I have yet to find a safe bagel, which my son asks for often, so I may have to learn to make those.

We do not eat out much, and haven't had McDonald's since learning of all of DS allergies. It just makes me nervous with all of the sesame seed buns, that there are stray seeds all over their kitchen!
I do trust Papa John's pizza, I've spoken many times to our local store's manager and she is very knowledgeable about allergies. I feel comfortable that they are extra careful when making our pizzas (she has even made all of the people handling our pizza wash their hands first).

I will be interested to hear if anyone else has found a bread they find safe, I would love to have a backup !

Good luck [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By margaret on Tue, 03-08-05, 20:57

Jackson's Mom,

We have been eating Lenders Bagels up until now? Are they unsafe for sesame allergy?

We have a bread machine, but I am lazy. Plus DS is 10, and is used to eating lots of non homemade food.

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By JacksonsMom on Tue, 03-08-05, 22:08

Hi Margaret
I called Lenders (Pinnacle Foods) back in January and was told that all of their bakery items were processed on the same lines with nuts and should be considered contaminated. I also called Thomas' (George Weston Bakeries) and was told the same thing regarding english muffins and bagels. Unfortunately I don't have either of those phone numbers handy.
So with that info I never even asked about sesame!
Has anyone else gotten different answers?

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By Sandra Y on Tue, 03-08-05, 23:44

My son is (supposedly) severely allergic to sesame. He had some possible reactions to sesame (slight redness around the mouth) so I had him tested and sure enough, his blood test showed a high positive.

We live in Korea, where my son is virtually surrounded by sesame every single day of his life. It's no exaggeration to say that nearly all Korean food contains sesame or sesame oil. He has never reacted, as far as I can tell.

I am cautious about sesame. I certainly would never allow him to eat it. However, I don't avoid cross-contamination the way I do for peanut. With sesame, I find it impossible to completely avoid the risk of cross-contam. My son eats at McDonald's frequently (too frequently, considering he can eat at hardly any other restaurant). He gets chicken nuggets, fries, or one of the small hamburgers on the plain buns.

This works for us, but there are some people who are extremely allergic to sesame and have had very bad reactions. Obviously, they couldn't take the risk.

Since my son has never had much apparent reaction to sesame, I'm comfortable with McDonald's and store-bought breads. I visibly inspect his food and I've taught him to check the hamburger carefully before chomping down. Once or twice I've seen a visible sesame seed, picked it off (along with a chunk of the surrounding bread), and he ate it without incident.

Probably sounds awful--I wouldn't do that with peanut.

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By Gwen 5 on Wed, 03-09-05, 00:56

My dd is PA/TN and a class 6 for severe sesame allergy.
I know she has eaten sauces with sesame oil and has never had a problem.

I do buy store bought bread- maily white bread or sourdough and she has never had a problem. Also raisen bread.

She does eat out and we will order a plain bun and I too will visibly inspect it before she eats it.
McDonald's cheeseburgers have always been ok too!

We do not eat any bread or bakery items that were made in a bakery.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too lax with some things but I do the best I can do- I feel that I am as vigilent as I can be without making us all crazy!

We do eat out at certain restaurants and I do but premade breads and I feel that I am very careful and we live our life!

Her sesame allergy scares me the most because it is her highest number of any of the nuts!

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By Enlightened on Wed, 03-09-05, 01:46

My 3 y.o. DS is allergic to sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, and egg. I called Lender's and initially got a salesman who told me that the plain, non frozen, non-refrigerated bagels were made in an allergen free bakery. I called Pinnacle and this was verified, but they do have eggs in the facility. He has been eating them with no problem.

The other day in Stop & Shop I saw a pile of Lender's mini-bagels (plain and raisin) and there was a big colored label saying they were made in a peanut/nut free bakery, and the product did not contain any milk or eggs. My son was fine eating them. I was thrilled with the label announcement.

We were eating McDonald's Happy Meals for about a year also, until a couple of weeks ago I checked his plain bun and found about 10 sesame seeds stuck on it. I reported it to McDonald's hotline, and was told the plain and sesame buns should not be in contact with each other, and they would look into it with the franchise's owner. We are sticking to Chicken McNuggets from now on.

Regarding store bought bread, it took me a long time to find "safe" bread, but there have found a bakery in Maine that is peanut/nut free. One of their plants does not contain egg products at all, and only one has a product that contains sesame, but they told me it was in a different part of the plant. No problems thus far. I think the breads are highly individualized-this bakery makes Country Kitchen brand, and also generic bread for Shaw's & Stop & Shop Supermarket. I also found the same situation with a bakery in New Bedford, MA.

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By seaside on Wed, 03-09-05, 14:29

My 6 year old DS has just started to get his allegies over the last 5 months. He is allergic to Peanuts,Hazelnuts,Sesame,Shellfish,and Peas.

As far as Sesame goes, he used to eat them all of the time. Then one day we noticed that his face was red and puffy, when we turned over the french bread that he was eating, we notices a few burnt sesames. The very next time he ate sesame, his throat started to swell. We then had him tested and he came back very allergic to sesame. A few weeks later, we were trying to get all of the sesame out of our house, and there was one cheeseburger left in the freezer that had sesame on it. My DS was not home, and I was very careful to clean everything very well. Two days later his throat swelled and we had to use the epi-pen and call 911. He was tested for everything that he ate that day. We finally figured out that the two days before, I had moved the cheeseburger from the microwave onto my plate, then put my hand in the chip bag. This is how his reaction happened.

We are finding that sesame is the worst of all of his allergies. He became so allergic so quick. We do not eat in any restaurants anymore, but we do eat at Wendy's and Dominos Pizza. We have found them to be Sesame and Peanut Free. We also let him eat Wonder White, Stop & Shop White, and Shaws White, so far no reactions to those.

Hope this helps.

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By on Wed, 03-09-05, 20:19

seaside, does Wendy's have buns that are made on a sesame seed free line? I wouldn't mind being able to eat there again.

I have had anaphylactic shock from eating sesame seeds - and trace amounts do cause me anaphylactic reactions. Only recently I found a bread company where I can buy bread - but no buns yet.

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By Eyes on Thu, 03-10-05, 03:55

AnnaMarie, I am also in Toronto. Where do you buy your bread? My son is sesame, poppy, sunflower, peanut and nut allergic. I can't live without my Black and Decker breadmaker!!!

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By seaside on Thu, 03-10-05, 22:16


We live in the US and our Wendy's do not have any Sesame Seed buns. (Yeah) Whenever we go into a new Wendy's we always ask if they do, and also what kind of oil that they use. So far all of the Wendy's we have gone to have been Sesame Free and they use Corn oil to fry in.

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By on Fri, 03-11-05, 02:57

Eyes, here is a link to a post a started earlier this year:


It is regarding Dempster's Bread. They do label for *may contain sesame seed* and they do have some plants that are peanut/nut/sesame seed free.

So far I've only found flat-breads and sandwich breads - both in white and whole wheat.

You know the twist tie on bread bags? They have the date and some coded numbers. If the code part starts with F it is from one of their safe plants. (I don't remember what other plants are safe.) Anyway, I will try to remember to check the bag for a phone number - although they might be listed in the phone book since it's local - so you can call to check on the safety regarding the other allergies you are dealing with.

And I still love my Black and Decker. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img] Making pizza this weekend. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]


seaside, do they actually make their own bread? I admit I am TOTALLY paranoid when it comes to sesame seeds. I can't find safe buns anywhere. And if I find a restaurant that has safe buns - I'll buy my buns from them.

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