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searching for a listing of all peanut free schools in the US

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By synthia on Thu, 06-24-04, 15:22


FDA: Food Labels Lack Allergy Warnings

Many Dessert Makers Don't List Natural Ingredients
That Can Make Some Ill

NEW YORK -- In a warning for people who have serious food allergies,
the Food and Drug Administration has found that a quarter of all food
manufacturers don't list ingredients that can cause potentially deadly allergic reactions.

According to the New York Times, the FDA says
that the omissions threaten about 7 million
Americans who rely on product packaging to keep them safe.

"The fact that ingredient listings can be dead wrong certainly points to major shortfalls in food safety,"
Caroline Smith DeWaal of the Center for Science in the Public Interest told the newspaper.

The agency looked at 85 cookie makers, candy
companies and ice cream manufacturers after
noticing an increase in the number of products being recalled because allergy-inducing ingredients such
as peanuts and eggs were not listed.

For Immediate Release

State Agriculture Commissioner Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Peanuts

Brooklyn, NY - March 28, 2001 - State Agriculture Commissioner Nathan L. Rudgers toady announced that YBL World-Wide
Trading Inc., 651A Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11211 (phone number 718/443-7800), is voluntarily recalling 9.2 ounce
packages of "Yummy Sesame Cakes" because they contain undeclared peanuts. People who have allergies to peanuts run the risk of
serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.

The recalled "Yummy Sesame Cakes" are packaged in 9.2 oz. plastic bags, which are not coded. The cakes are a product of China.

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Inspectors, while at a New York City retail store, visibly noted that the
product contained peanuts which were not declared in the ingredient statement. Distribution of the Sesame Cakes was in the greater
New York City metropolitan area. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this product.

Consumers who have purchased "Yummy Sesame Cakes" are urged to return them to YBL World-Wide Trading Inc.[/b]

State regulators from Wisconsin and Minnesota
assisted in the investigation.

Their conclusion: One in four of the companies made products with raw
ingredients like nuts, but omitted them from the labels describing the food.

Also, almost half of the producers failed to check the foods to make sure
all the ingredients were listed on the labels, the Times reported.

Companies must list everything that goes into their products, but FDA
rules say that trace amounts of "natural" ingredients can be left out.

The study found that many of the allergens often slipped in undetected
because bakers used the same utensils to stir separate mixes, or re-used
baking sheets between batches.

Food allergies can cause anaphylaxis, a reaction that includes an itching
sensation, swelling of the throat and shortness of breath. In some cases,anaphylaxis may lead to a drop in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or even death.

Food allergies send 30,000 people to U.S. emergency rooms each year
and cause as many as 200 deaths, the American Academy of Allergy,
Asthma and Immunology told the Times.

This is old ,but never the less.
This was taken from the above link far left(FDA}
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By nancy023 on Mon, 09-20-04, 21:38

I came across this school lunch menu on a local Catholic school website. Apparently, the menu is generated for the Western PA area and about 3/4 down the page it states that there are many schools they supply lunches to that are peanut/nut free. If someone is interested in finding a peanut free Catholic school in their area, perhaps they could contact this lunch supply company, the D.P.C. Food and Nutritional Service Division.


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By Melrose Mum on Tue, 09-21-04, 22:57

Purpose School, in Stoneham Massachusetts is a peanut free pre-school. Cambridge Friends School in Cambridge, Massachusetts (a Quaker school) is VERY "Nut-Aware" they have a 'no peanut products' policy and a full time school nurse.(there is no lunch room, all foods come from home) When a child was spotted with PB&J on the second day of classes (this is a new policy) the sandwich was removed, a safe substitute was provided, and the area was cleaned beyond reason. The sandwich was noticed before the child even took a bite!

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By x-contaminated on Fri, 10-01-04, 15:30

Please help if you can...

I am looking for a nut-free, allergy aware school district for my child in BUFFALO, NY (Western New York area)

Have been calling around, and am willing to move anywhere in Erie or Niagara counties to find a safe school.

--thanks--stay safe---

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By skocsis on Fri, 10-01-04, 19:56

Richmond Hts. School District is nut free in Cleveland Ohio.

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By dottie on Mon, 10-04-04, 19:53

I was told by my local public school nutritionist (Castro Valley, CA) that 2 elementary schools out of 6 are peanut free. Also, I have just found out that His Growing Grove pre-school is a peanut free facility.

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By Valerie Class-Knight on Tue, 10-12-04, 03:52

Both my children have severe Food Allergies to Peanuts, Eggs and Dairy. Their school in South Pasadena, CA has just become Peanut Free. It is a first in the area and the media is going crazy! The community is very, very supportive.

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Fri, 10-29-04, 19:45

Working to create a list of safe lunch vendors.

Looking for safe lunch vendors (school lunch type food supply companies), if you know of one or can help to locate them etc. please post, fax, mail, phone or email the information you find
Our contact information page:

send email: [email][email protected][/email]
Here is a link to post information on this topic to these boards [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum7/HTML/001650.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum7/HTML/001650.html[/url]

Thank you

We need information for Massachusetts by early next week so if you can do some work and let us know what you find that would be very helpful.

Stay Safe,


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By CVB in CA on Mon, 11-29-04, 20:53

Harker private school in San Jose, CA area is peanut free on the elementary campus and has a full time nurse on staff. They say they have been peanut free two or three years and have smell allergic PA children attending at the school.

Some one who has a child at this school may want to post about how well it is done there or how enforced, my information is from an open house I attended with a friend of mine.

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By [email protected] on Wed, 12-08-04, 15:41

My children go to Pleasant view elementary shcool in Yorktown IN and as of Thursday the 2nd of Dec the school is peanut free. The school is being noted as the first public school in IN to go nut free.

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By synthia on Wed, 12-08-04, 16:36

[email protected],

You just made my day! Thank you for the update.

Love this site

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By AJSMAMA on Thu, 12-09-04, 00:28

Dublin Community Preschool in Dublin, OH is completely peanut and tree nut free.

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By tuttles on Sat, 12-11-04, 00:31

I live in Vermont and the elementary school that my son attends is "nut free" in the sense that they don't allow peanut butter sandwichs, and the food service manager couldn't give me the specifics on the ingredients in the other menu choices. He actually was rather rude and even told me that they don't allow nuts because of my son who entered Kindergarten this year. I already know that the school has currently and in the past had other kids with this allery. The families are still allowed to bring nuts into the school however. My sons teacher is awesome and will call me whenever she is planning something or has a question.

I do have a question to ask though. I was wondering if anyone has researched the full menus at their schools to be sure that they are all ingredients are safe and/or if they could contain cross-contamination issues. Specifically looking at SYSCO foods which provides for our school district. Or does everyone do home lunch instead?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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By synthia on Mon, 04-25-05, 14:00


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By synthia on Tue, 05-10-05, 13:27

Nut Safe Schools

[b]St. Petersburg, Florida [/b]- Head to the lunchroom at Jamerson Elementary School in St. Petersburg, and you'll see a variety in the lunchboxes: yogurt, popcorn, string cheese.

[b]But no peanut butter.[/b] Even though 50 peanut butter sandwiches were served daily at the school, ever since Leah Pardee's 6-year-old son, who has severe nut allergies enrolled in kindergarten, Jamerson Elementary School is now a 'Nut Safe School.'

Leah Pardee"I know it's a terrible inconvenience for the families, that's why we're so thankful, people have been so kind to us this year. This is my child..knowing at any moment, within seconds we could lose this child who is everything to us, there's a level of anxiety that you develop."

Posters labeled 'Nut Safe School' are posted throughout the campus, lunchboxes are checked daily, and notes are sent home to parents if nut products are found.

Kids thoroughly wash their hands after lunch, and as an extra precaution, during lunch, Leah's son sits outside with a few friends, rather than in the classroom with everyone else. Pardee says even peanut dust in the air can be potentially life-threatening.

Leah Pardee "I'm hoping it's a small enough time in their children's days, that they will be ok with it (not having peanut products at school)."

Parents say it requires a lot of creativity and extra effort to come up with alternative menus, but certainly understand the consequences of not making changes.

Christy Gorman"It's not as difficult as I might have expected. I am absolutely sympathetic to the child, and compassionate in wanting to help, and that's shared by a majority of parents here at Jamerson."

Bauder Elementary School in Seminole is also considering some changes. On Monday, parents will meet with school officials to talk about the food policy, after hearing that an incoming student suffers from severe nut allergies.

The principal at Bauder says peanut butter will no longer be offered in the serving line, and the district will decide what if any additional changes will be made.

De Anna Sheffield, Tampa Bay's 10 News

Bold Added

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By Danielle on Fri, 05-13-05, 01:00

Pendelton School is peanut/nut free in Bradenton, Florida and so is the Sports Academy that is on the same campus. Kitchen staff has been trained on food allergies and epi pen usage as well as the teachers who have kids with food allergies. Nurse on campus at all times.

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By synthia on Fri, 05-20-05, 12:31



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By mmw on Mon, 05-30-05, 03:14

Does anyone know of any nut-free elementary schools in the Seattle, WA area?

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By synthia on Mon, 05-30-05, 04:32


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By livsmom on Sun, 07-10-05, 16:34

Looking for peanut free schools, nursery, grammar, middle and high schools in Tennessee, Massachusetts, North Carolina and New Hampshire. Thank you.

Mom of 2 1/2 year old daughter with peanut and egg allergies

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By Russ on Tue, 07-12-05, 05:19

Quote:Originally posted by mmw:
[b]Does anyone know of any nut-free elementary schools in the Seattle, WA area?[/b]

Bertschi School was the only private elementary we came across that stated they are peanut free.

Not sure about public schools

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By yuck2nuts on Tue, 07-12-05, 17:04

Framingham Centre Nursery School in Framingham, MA is peanut/nut-free (and an exceptional school!)

The Eliot Montessori School in Natick, MA is going peanut-free this fall.

The Ashland, MA school system has designated peanut-free classrooms.

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By momof william on Sun, 07-31-05, 13:55

My son participated in Camp Jam this year in Atlanta. The school it was held at is called Davis Academy. It was such a relief when I recieved the camp forms and realized it was a Peanut Free school, meaning peanuts are not even allowed to be brought in. It was like a house had been lifted off of me. I was dreading even having to speak of his PA, but knew it was to be done. When I read the forms , I was so unburdened.
My son attends a school in Cobb County, Ga. After going through **** most of Elementary and 6th grade with his peanut allergy, I used the words Civil Liberties to my advantage and he has a much safer existance due to that and a 504. The school does not serve peanuts , but they can still be brought in. My son is at the age now where he can remove himself quickly from a situation, and the 504 gives him the right to, with no grief from adults over it.This year we have a new principal, and I have been in contact, the Nurse comsultant, and hope the transistion with the new principal goes smoothly.

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By SortaFiesty on Sat, 08-06-05, 07:45

Trenton School District, Michigan~
All grades if I was informed correctly, at the least elementary school.
I was told it was due to *1* parent raising the bar.

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By BaileyB on Mon, 09-26-05, 21:55

Waterford-Halfmoon Elementary School in New York State is peanut free.


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By safetyfirst on Mon, 09-26-05, 23:54

I am Indiana. Because of son and another little boy with peanut allergy our entire school corporation is now peanut free! It is not served by the school and cannot be brought in lunches. Our local school board has been wonderful about this issue.
Bento County Schools are peanut free.

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By cgourd1 on Sat, 10-08-05, 04:50

Don't come to Grosse Ile, Michigan. They don't even have a school nurse. I have been battling this school district for over a year now to make it peanut-safe for my PA.

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By qdebbie1 on Sat, 10-08-05, 13:47

Welcome, cgourd1
Start a new thread about your school and tell us what is going on. I know there are a lot of people who can help you out.
Schools are required to accomidate children with life threatening allergies. IT IS THE LAW. Have you contacted the Office for Civil Rights? Have you been denied a 504? Where are you in the process and what is the school saying they will and will not do.
There is soooooo much info on this board to look at, and so many people with a lot of experience.

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By DRobbins on Sat, 10-08-05, 21:18

Quote:Originally posted by livsmom:
[b]Looking for peanut free schools, nursery, grammar, middle and high schools in Tennessee, Massachusetts, North Carolina and New Hampshire. Thank you.

For nursery schools in Massachusetts, I know that the Longfellow Children's Center in Wayland, Massachusetts is nut-free. The Sunny Hill Preschool in Sudbury, MA is nut-free. I believe that the entire chain of Next Generation Children's Centers is nut-free.

Hope this helps.

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By synthia on Wed, 10-12-05, 01:30


Schools Takes Initiative to Help Children with Severe Allergies

Putnam County Schools is the first county in the state to adopt a life threatening policy and procedures manuel


[b]According to the West Virginia Department of Education, Wood County Schools are a 'peanut free' and Preston County Schools have signs posted warning visitors of student allergies. [/b]

Love this site

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By Gail W on Tue, 02-21-06, 23:59

raising for Laura...

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By Laura Duke on Wed, 02-22-06, 00:29

Yes, I agree with Gail 100%. I don't want anyone to put their own child's School Safety Plan in jeopardy. However, if you feel comfortable I would like you to email me and let me know what the school district did or has done to make it safer for your child to attend their school. You do not have to even say what school district your child attends, just maybe the state in which you live? Or just what-ever you feel comfortable with. There are not any laws in the state of Tennessee to protect our children with anaphylaxis food allergies. We as Tennessean's need everyones help with getting the information that the Committee with the House of Representatives has requested to get this bill pushed through to protect our children. The Committee with the House of Representatives wants to know what other school districts and states have done to protect children with anaphylaxis food allergies?
Take Care,
Laura Duke
[email][email protected][/email]

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By synthia on Thu, 02-23-06, 14:13


LD I found this I have not had a chance to read*all* the policy,it looks good!!


Love this site

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By wendy12 on Sun, 07-08-07, 14:26

Holy Cross Academy in Sanford, Fla is a peanut free school. My son had a great experience this year (1st grade). The teachers and students are very caring and patrolled for peanut products. If someone accidentally brought something in, they item was taken away.

Does anyone have ideas for peanut free elementary schools in North Carolina? I know there are schools that ask parents not to send in peanut items, (CMS), but they do not enforce a peanut free campus. We are considering a move to NC and one of our main concerns is finding a school that is safe. My husband and I both work from home so we don't have a specific city/area that we have to live in.

Feel free to ask any questions about Holy Cross.

Wendy [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By Gail W on Wed, 08-29-07, 14:02


Schools bump peanuts off menu
[b]Allergies prompt ban in some lunchrooms[/b]
By Jon Walker and Melanie Brandert
Argus Leader
Published: August 25, 2007
Children at several Sioux Falls schools have been told not to bring peanut butter sandwiches for lunch or other peanut snacks in order to protect students with allergies.

With classes starting this week, notices about the ban have been sent home to parents.

"This is the time of year for it. It's an annual rite of passage," said Dr. Mark Bubak, a Sioux Falls allergist.

A protein inside the peanut can trigger a fatal reaction for some children if the peanut is swallowed. Skin contact with peanuts can cause a lesser reaction such as an outbreak of hives, Bubak said.

Families of children at Mark Twain Elementary learned of the ban this week in a letter from the school.

"Due to the number of students with peanut allergies at Mark Twain Elementary School, we are a peanut-free school," Principal Mary Peterson wrote. In the letter, she thanked families for cooperating.

Explorer Elementary School has not issued an outright ban on peanut butter but has alerted parents not to send classroom snacks that include peanuts. The school also is promoting a peanut butter substitute by serving it from its kitchen. Explorer, which is in Sioux Falls but part of the Harrisburg district, had one student a year ago who was allergic, Principal John Snobeck said. He's unsure about this year.

"We can't keep track of everybody," Snobeck said. "Sometimes parents don't tell anybody about the allergies. To play it safe, we discourage it."

Kathy Luke of Sioux Falls, whose son, Holden, is a third-grader at Explorer, understands the need to forbid peanut butter and peanuts. When her son, Payton, attended Edison Middle School, there was a student who had such an allergy, and classmates could not bring those foods into the lunchroom.

"It's to save the life of a child," she said.

A year ago, 15 elementary and three middle schools in the Sioux Falls district were on a list to receive meals prepared without peanut products, said Joni Davis, supervisor of child nutrition services. Davis is compiling a list for the current year, which started Monday.

Davis oversees the central kitchen. Whether a ban also would extend to sack lunches becomes a decision at a particular school, she said.

"It depends on the severity of the allergy defined by principal, parent, nursing supervisor and family physician," Davis said.

In some cases, protection against the allergy extends beyond the cafeteria. Nancy Harsh of Sioux Falls said Lincoln High School's marching band has a peanut-free bus on trips. Her daughter, Samantha, 15, a sophomore, is a band member.

"I certainly understand it," Harsh said. "It limits what you send with a child."

Bubak said 12 million Americans, about 4 percent, have food allergies. About 3.3 million, a little more than 1 percent, are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts such as cashews, almonds and pecans.

For those with the allergy, the greatest risk with swallowing a peanut is anaphylaxis. "The throat closes up, they can't breathe, there's no blood pressure," he said. "You can die from it."

Sue Mollison of Sioux Falls knows that risk all too well. Although her daughter, Jacklyn, who turns 2 next month, is not in school yet, Mollison already faces peanut butter allergy issues with her at nurseries. Even a woman who bakes peanut butter cookies, washes her hands and touches her daughter can set off a case of hives, Mollison said.

"We carry an EpiPen in the diaper bag," she said. "I sympathize with people who are having an inconvenience with children with allergies. I'm so grateful to people who are willing to go out of their way so we don't have a life-threatening reaction."

Their family uses Fun Butter, a peanut butter alternative made of sunflower seeds, which is available at East Dakota Food Co-op and Meadowsweet Market, Mollison said. She suggests parents try that as a substitute for their children who have classmates with allergies.

Proximity to peanut butter is a lesser concern, though not negligible. A child eating a sandwich and sitting across from someone who is allergic could pose a risk if the two of them had physical contact.

"Everybody has a different degree of sensitivity," Bubak said.

Other children are allergic to milk, eggs, or gluten in wheat, but Bubak knows of no school that's banned those foods. The main risk is peanuts.

"It's a tough issue," Bubak said. "Parents want the best for kids. But others don't have the allergy, and they're denying other folks foods they like. I worry about the false sense of security, when people think they're in peanut-free zones and they're not. Most reactions happen when they thought the food was safe, and it wasn't."

Reach reporters Jon Walker at 331-2206 and Melanie Brandert at 977-3926.

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By mom135 on Wed, 08-29-07, 14:53

I have been doing a lot of research lately, and I believe that the first thing you should ask when looking for a new public school is to ask the superintendent:

"Do you have WRITTEN district policy for CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT of peanut allergies."

Not just for epinephrine use, but clear written classroom guidelines for minimizing exposure. Turns out that in my district, because we have no written policy, every prinicipal can run their school anyway they want. Now we are switching schools in the district, and we are running into a lot or problems that we didn't have in our previous school.

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