I just rec'd a letter from my son's new school about having an IHCP form filled out and ready for the nurse/teacher for the new school year. I have no idea what this form is. Does anyone know what it...
I just have to say that I have been so pleased with our school nutritioninst. She has helped us get necessary changes and information to the cafeteria staff. She has researched ingredients for me on...
Hello, All: I will first start by thanking you for posting all of the wonderful information. I've been reviewing the site for about an hour now and have certainly learned quite a bit. I am a...
We usually keep one on the bus and 2 at school, but this year dd will be carrying them on her throughout the day. I was just wondering how many shots other people make available for their kids in...
My 9 year old son is entering 4th grade this school year. He has always sat at a peanut free table in the cafeteria. He is allowed to bring one friend from his class. He has asked if he can sit...
I am trying to get permission to home school my daughter for CCD. (Catholic Christian Doctrine) Last year I sat in the classroom with her for each class. I would like to work now (Actullay, I can't...
What is a peanut free daycare? How peanut free should they be? My son's daycare claims to be PN free, i am just wondering what that should entail. I hope this question doesn't sound to idiotic.
Are there any schools in North Carolina (Public or Private) that are peanut free. I am interested in schools that do not allow peanut products to be brought into the school as well as do not serve...
Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I actually just discovered it a few days ago. I have a son with a peanut allergy. He will be five in August and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. While at...
My son is to be starting kindergarten the end of next month and I am so conflicted about what to do. He is 5 and we have been aware of his peanut allergy since he was 18-months-old. He thankfully has...
Can anyone post the link. The one in the original thread no longer works. Thanks!!
Hi! I'm trying to reach Gail W. She's posted several times in the 'School's section but I can't get PM'ing to go through, on anyone. If anyone has an e-mail please e-mail me or e-mail her to check...
We may be moving to Michigan (most likely suburbs of detroit or ann arbor). Are there any peanut (nut) free elementary schools? Are there any peanut (nut) free preschools? If not, are there any...
My son
I'm at my wits end. My daughter who is 5 and in kindergarten is on a 504 plan for her type 1 diabetes and PA . After involving OCR we have a plan in place for a peanut free classroom and her class...
There are schools going PF and many becoming Peanut-Aware. Does anyone have any answers on why just peanuts. You don't hear of Milk-free schools or Milk-aware schools. Opinions, answers or medical...
We made it! Today was DD's first day of summer school for kindergarten. I have been sooo busy getting documentation together, meeting with the school, and getting all of her supplies that I didn't...
I would like to ask some of you a question. Do you have a peanut/tree nut free table for your child at school? My son did not have one his kindergarten year. He sat outside the lunchroom any time...
So I just spoke with my DD school about her allergies for the second time. A few weeks ago I spoke with the RN, who gave me their policies on peanut allergies, and I'll list some of them later....

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