My PA/TA son is starting kindergarten in 2 weeks. I've got the 504 and I feel like medically everything is in place that can be, despite the fact that I get the impression that I am considered a...
For those with 504 . Did your school/district/504 team asked and you provided them with your child's skin and blood test results to " plan for 504 accommodations"? They won't take my no for an answer...
My daughter's school has a peanut-free table but this only isolates the child with the disability, not the contaminate. Once she goes on the playground, she is exposed to all of the peanut oil that...
Here is an Allergy Care Plan to help your child at school http://japmrp.tumblr.com/
This week my daughter's "K" class is having a holiday party. They are choosing to do crafts with food such as decorating sugar cookies with M&M's, sprinkles, and icing - all items that would...
What is the rules for a 5 years old with severe peanuts allergies in school,HOW IS THAT CHILD BEING KEPT SAFE?
Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and am looking for some advice. My son is a kindergartener in a Colorado public school. The school has been very accomodating to my son's allergies, but I have...
My Family and I are moving to northeast,FL. Saint Johns County. My PN allergy daughter will be starting Kindergarten. Does anyone live in the area and can advise us on their policy regarding...
Does anyone know of a Peanut Free Day Care / Preschool in NYC?
I met with my school to create a 504 Plan for my peanut/tree nut allergy children in Elementary school. They refused to put any of our requested accommodations into the 594 plan saying that "general...
Please help me find a peanut allergy free school for my 3 yr old.
Does your child/student carry an Epi-Pen in elementary school? Is the child actually carrying it or is a teacher/adult responsible to carry it? Does it travel around the school with him/her to...
my daughter keeps going to the nurse in school everyday. she tells them that she is itchy. i have to come and get her. i got a call today saying her tong was itchy, but i packed her luch so i know...
Looking For Policy on School Hand-Washing If anybody knows of research or studies done on the use of hand-washing or wipes for all students after lunch to protect students with food allergies, please...
I would like to know what people are doing with the following school form, Authorization for Storage and Administration of Prescribed Medication, which indemnifies the Board of any negligence or...
I use these forms for my son and I print one for each teacher in his elementary school. It saves me from second guessing if any teacher doesn't understand that he has allergies and asthma and it also...
I am new to this group. My son is starting middle school next yr. He is only 10 and has severe allergy to peanut, all treenuts, eggs and some seeds. The school nurse suggested that i teach him how...
I have a seven year old that has a severe peanut allergy. Normally his school has in the past been ok with his allergy. This year I fear that the school is going to be a little less tolerant of his...
My 4 yr old son is highly allergic to peanuts and started pre-k last week. Prior to him starting we spoke with the principal and she told us signs would be put up for a peanut free zone and assured...
My 9 year old son has a severe peanut/tree nut allergy. He is also highly allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat, oats, barley, rye, sesame, and garlic. He has successfully made it through preschool and...

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