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My 11 yr old son has life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and milk. He has been going to a private school since prek3. Every year they have made the classroom peanut free, given him a peanut free table to eat lunch at, and have allowed me to bring substitute items in for the class/him in relation to food activities. They have also implemented hand washing and wiping surfaces. My question is - now that he is going into middle school and eating inside an auditorium with 6 different grades, what is the "norm" and what rights to I have for him (being that it is a private school). The principal has told me since day 1 that as he gets older, he will need to be more responsible for himself. I understand that completely. However, my son is 11 and I feel that it is still the schools responsibility to protect him and provide a safe environment for him to eat lunch and still be included. I already know that the option of removing peanuts/tree nuts is non-existent. Curious as to any others out there dealing with allergies in a private school setting.

By rebelinh on Fri, 05-09-14, 19:08

We actually homeschool but went to public school up until 4th grade. My biggest suggestion for schools is rather than have a "peanut free" table where it limits those with allergies, why not have one designated "peanut table" where those who have nuts in their lunch eat. I find it's generally a small amount of students who bring but items but can't find a reason how it's not a fair solution. Why ostracize those who don't have a choice? All children deserve a safe learning and eating environment without needing to worry and schools should provide that.

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