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Indirect Allergic Reactions from Schools

This is my first time posting on here.

I'm not quite sure just HOW worried I should be on this, but it still does cause some concern. The thing is, in my school, a lot of my classmates eat peanut or peanut-based products in class for snacks. I'm worried that it could lead to me having an allergic reaction if I were to touch something they had touched after eating or if just being in the same room as them could hurt me.

A little background on me: I do have a peanut allergy, however, the severity of it is unknown. The only real idea that I have on how severe it is is that last year I ate an ice cream bar that contained TRACES of peanuts. All that happened was I felt sick to my stomach but I felt better after 45-60 minutes. I also have anxiety issues, which are part of the reason for my posting, as I would like to have some feed back on my fear.

If anyone can help me rationalize or explain this to me, I'd appreciate it.


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