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I.D Bracelets

My daughter will be entering preschool this year and I'm concerned with the snacks and food brought into the classroom. I want to get her a Peanut/tree nut allergy bracelet. What are the recommendations for good I.D bracelets for a 3 year old and what information should be on the bracelet? Are their any other recommendations of products to get for my daughter? Thanks so much.

By Jill Hammer on Tue, 08-13-13, 23:09

My daughter also entered preschool at age 3 w/peanut and tree nut allergies. We purchased the allermates bracelets from Amazon. They have snaps that are adjustable to even a small 3 year olds wrist. I have also now seen them for sale at CVS. You will have to purchase one for each allergy. So she wears two. The teachers at my daughters school loved them. In fact the director asked where we got it so she could tell other parents. They are also cute, so she loves to wear them. At my daughter's school they won't serve her any food due to her allergy. Her teachers are aware but sometimes substitutes or helpers may not be. So it is a good reminder for all the staff. Also coaching your child. You never eat anything unless mommy or daddy say it is ok. Now at almost age 4, she will ask "is this ok to eat?" Good luck!

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By informedmomma on Tue, 08-13-13, 18:19

We have bought two different medical ID bracelets for our son, and we like this one the best.

You get to pick the colors and it is sized for their wrist. What we write on ours is:
"Severe Peanut Allergy"
"Epi pen & 911"
And our phone numbers.

We bought an epi pen holder that goes around your calf, and I think there are similar ones that hold epi pens. This has come in handy for adults to wear on field trips, or for you to wear.

I'm also in the process of sewing a patch onto my son's lunch bag that says he has a severe peanut allergy and that he is only allowed to eat what is in his lunch bag. I'm just going to make it myself.

What we did when my son went to preschool is we brought in all his snacks even though the preschool provided them. We kept him home if there were going to be peanuts in the classroom for any reason, but the teacher was really good about keeping them out. We made sure the kids washed hands after snack, which they normally do anyway. There are usually lots of parties at school, so we made a batch of cupcakes and froze them, so that our son wasn't left out during parties. There was also a note about allergies when it was time for parents to bring in snacks. I also made a note that had clear, simple rules about the allergy, and his teacher had it posted at all times. Ours was a small, private preschool, so that made it easier to communicate our needs.
Hope that helps!

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