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I am new to this group. My son is starting middle school

I am new to this group. My son is starting middle school next yr. He is only 10 and has severe allergy to peanut, all treenuts, eggs and some seeds. The school nurse suggested that i teach him how to self administer epi-pen. My allergist thinks he is young to take on this responsibility. Is the school trying to avoid being the first responders here OR having it with him and learning how to use it is the only way to save him in case of emergency. I would sincerely appreciate sharing your experience on this.
I am also planning to have 504 in place starting this yr. i didnot need it when he was in elementary school as the school was always proactive in every way possible.
My other question is having 504 in place, would that isolate him from any mainstream activities and be socially not acceptable in his school?
He has always sat by himself at the nut- free table in elementary school. Now he is asking to sit with his friends and eat carefully in middle school.
Pl share your thoughts on this as well.

By Sarak on Fri, 05-31-13, 17:17

I feel so assured reading the responses. I am starting to educate my son and will get him trained on self-administration.
I have had 2 good conversations with the school counselor. He suggested that I show up during lunch time for the first wk to see for myself what else could be done to making it safe for him.
I liked that . So that he can work with us and have the 504 meeting and we will be in a better position to list out any special accommodations.

I also spoke to a mom who suggested that if my son’s best friends are in a different lunch time, I can change their lunch time to coincide.
I feel lot better as I get more info and the valuable response from this support group.

Thanks, Sara

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By mak2b on Thu, 05-30-13, 00:34

My son also has severe allergies. He knows how to self inject and I keep multiple epi pens in school. One at the nurses office, one in his classroom, one in the cafeteria, and one that travels with him to the special classes outside the classroom (ex gym, art etc).
His 1st year at school he was isolated and by himself at the Peanut Free Table. It broke my heart to see him all alone. By mid 1st grade, after constantly going up to school he finally was able to sit with his class/friends. The way he is protected is they put him at the end of the table and the kids are educated and aware that they are not allowed to sit in the 3 seats next to him or across from him. He is going into 3rd grade and this plan is working out well.
I hope this helps. My son is allergic to peanuts, most tree nuts, all shell fish and peas. Not to mention the animals and all the pollens, grass and trees. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you and your child..

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By Sarak on Fri, 05-31-13, 17:20

Thanks for the suggestions. since my son is class 5 allergy level for peanuts & class 4 for all tree nuts- i have no idea how he will react if someone sits next him and eats a peanut sandwich. I will take your advice and request couple of seats to be vacant so that we maintain a safe distance.

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