Your snowflake has ruined it for everyone. The teachers are so nutty about nuts....even granola bars are banned. You helicopter parents who didn't make the choice to give peanut butter at a young age...
Hello All I would like to introduce myself. My name is Evan Zucker and I own Zuckerbakers Bake Shop in Wantagh, NY. We are a kosher, peanut free, tree nut free, sesame free, dairy free bakery. We as...
Hi, I am working on organizing an educational group that will be meeting weekly. In this group I have 1 child with anaphylaxis to peanuts and 2 families with skin issues. We are trying to workout...
My daughter with a severe peanut allergy is in the 2nd grade. We have the epi pen at school, the principal is aware of her allergy and we started off the school year with a talk with the nurse and...
Hello, How does one go about getting a 504 plan in place? What is the process? Thinking about getting one for my pn allergic daughter who starts kindergarden next week. Thanks
Hello my child will be starting school next school year I wanted to know if there any peanut free schools in Baltimore MD. my child is so sensitive her allergy rating is off the chart its greater...
... a disservice to YOU, YOUR SCHOOL, and, above all else, YOUR CHILD. Having just been through the process of obtaining a Section 504 Designation for my 5th grade daughter, I have developed very...
Hello I'm new here, but looking for some answers.... Our youngest daughter and the one with a peanut/cashew allergy recently started kindergarten. Our oldest is in 4th grade at the same school, so...
I took my older son (5years old) for the food challenge at the hospital today (he had two reactions at 4 years old when he got a rash and puffy eyes after skin exposure to peanuts and was sick (no...
My name is Donna, a grandmother raising her second grandchild. A letter sent home from school states that no peanuts or items related to or PEANUT BUTTER sandwiches are to be taken to school for...
My 11 yr old son has life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and milk. He has been going to a private school since prek3. Every year they have made the classroom peanut free, given him a...
What schools if any in the Great Falls school district are respectful and easy to work with? From past experiences which should be avoided?
Any advice on how to approach schools and/or high school football stadiums regarding serving peanuts? My oldest daughter is in the school band so we go as a family to all of the football games. My...
My 11 year old son, doesn't want to go to Middle school anymore and has had 2 reactions at school, in less than 2 weeks. He has been with this School District for 3 years. Don't know what to do. The...
Hello, i have not posted here in awile. I have Pn allergic daughter who starts kindergarden next month. I was wondering what other parents do for lunch and or snacks. I was planning to pack her...
Homeschooling and 504 plan. Is it possible? Would I have to tell them at the 504 meeting that we are homeschooling? Or can I leave that for later? Im worried they wont give him services if they know...
I have an idea to try and start the school year out with the right attitude among the staff at my ds school. They will all undergo training on the first day of school. I was thinking it might help...
Does your PA child attend a "peanut free" school? Me/mine? NO. ------------------
Hello! I'm new to peanut allergy, my DD (13) has had some health issues for a couple of years. She’s seen several specialists, most recently an allergist. We made the appointment just trying to rule...
My PA/TA son is starting kindergarten in 2 weeks. I've got the 504 and I feel like medically everything is in place that can be, despite the fact that I get the impression that I am considered a...

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