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School claims Peanut Free - allows Dunkin Munchkins

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By Mom2K on Thu, 01-10-08, 20:51

So I was talking to a preschool director and asked if they are PN free, they said yes. I then asked about birthday parties and they said they recommend Dunkin Donuts' munchkins or Shaw's Cupcakes b/c they are "PN free". Well I just checked DD's website and they say "Please be advised that any of our products may contain allergens, including peanuts." I don't let DD eat DD. I'm guessing the Shaw's cupcakes might be crosscontaminated too but I haven't checked the label but I don't generally let her eat bakery goods.

I didn't get into it w/ the director b/c I am visiting in person on Monday and was going to ask more then.

So I wonder what else I should ask since they claim to be PN free but I'm going to ask about snacks being served - if they have any "warnings" on them etc. If I can check the labels myself etc etc.

What else am I missing????
thanks in advance.

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By niche on Thu, 01-10-08, 21:00


We tried going down the my kid gets to eat what the other kids at preschool do. It just didn't work for us. There was no way for us to be able to check everything that parents were bringing in and no one was close to as careful about it as we needed.

After several near misses we choose to tell our son that he only eats what we send for him period nothing else. We have a separate snack bag for him and when they let me know about special occasions I send something for him. There are still several times a year when they have food and don't tell me in advance and he just goes without.

Just our experience. We are tree nut as well as peanut.

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By Mom2K on Thu, 01-10-08, 22:10

thanks for your input. We are TN and PN too. They say they have a calendar of "events" so I'd know when birthdays are being done. My preference is to send her in with her own cupcake/treat to avoid any concern on my part.

I'm going to explore further next week.

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By Mrsdocrse on Sat, 01-12-08, 14:43

Hi There...

This is just an observation... as far as DD. They used to not have any peanuts..... however now they make peanut cookies.. hence the change inlabeling. The preschool probably didn't re check. I used to let my son have them but not anymore... I would just bring something in for him that he can have while the other kids are having munchkins...

I just something that he will have to learn to accept that he will not be able to have what everyone has sometime.


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By Colleencz on Sat, 01-12-08, 15:03

A mother at my nephews school made a batch of cupcakes, wrapped them and gave them to the school to freeze for the PA kids. That way when there is a birthday at school, they just take a couple out of the freezer and give them to the PA kids so they can have a treat as well. I don't know if that is an option for you but I thought I would share.

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By Mom2K on Sat, 01-19-08, 23:06

I met with the director last week and felt pretty good about what would take place.

They provide snacks. They have a snack cabinet and the director would show me everything. THey have a schedule for snacks that I can view. I could bring in safe snacks for her and they would use it if any questions arose.

What I saw that day were Keebler Club Crackers, Dunkaroos (don't know what these are), Fruit Loops and Ritz. I think she might be willing to work with me on a list of safe stuff and only serve those things.

For birthdays I could bring in a separate treat. I really wish they'd stop birthday treats all together b/c it's also unhealthly. Why can't parents bring fruit or veggies?

Anyway it seems like they do a decent job. Maybe I can stress that DD munchkins aren't safe anymore and they will stop suggesting it.

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By mom135 on Sun, 01-20-08, 16:11

Since your child is in preschool, this is just the beginning of dealing with the whole snack/food issue with schools. This is a perfect example of what can happen. I tried to convince my elementary school for years that Dunkin Donuts were risky. No one would listen, not even the other PA parents. Finally, they decided, based on Dunkin Donuts's advice, to treat munchkins as potentially risky. It just goes to show that PA parents need to be on top of every situtation, even if it goes against popular opinion. Have a snack put aside somewhere that the teacher can pull out whenever she needs it. Also, I always told the teachers to call me right away if a snack comes in that was questionable. Then I could tell them to pull out the safe-snack if needed.

In New Jersey, the public schools now have to follow a no-sugar law that was enacted this year. It has cut down on the amount of foods coming in tremendously. The lawmakers did it for health issues, but the PA parents have benefitted. Our school did away with food for birthday celebrations altogether. Amen to that!

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By Ivycosmo on Wed, 02-06-08, 13:45

If the school can store snacks (cabinet, refrigerator, etc), I would leave a bunch of safe snacks labeled for my child. That way you don't have to worry about her being left out in case something comes up. It will always be there for her.

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By Mom2K on Wed, 02-20-08, 14:06

I wish other states would adopt the no sugar rule! That sounds great. I'm going to draft a letter to the director explaining about the munchkins to see what she says. I reviewed the cupcakes at the local supermarkets and they have a "may contains tree nuts" warning but not a Peanut warning so I guess that's why they suggest them.

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By Mom2K on Wed, 02-20-08, 14:07

thanks for the suggestion. That's what I plan on doing. The director has no issue with that plan. I'd still love to get them to eliminate birthday parties though, what a downer mom I am!

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