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Saratoga Ointment-anyone ever use this?

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By gw_mom3 on Thu, 11-02-06, 06:03

My kids get really dry cracked hands in the winter. We usually use the lite vanicream and then the heavy if it's really bad. A friend of ours gave us this tube of Saratoga ointment that she swears by for dry cracked skin. The ingredients all look fine but I couldn't find much info about using it with allergic kids. Anyone ever use it?


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By cspencer5 on Mon, 04-25-11, 04:12

I have used this since I was little. fortunatly i'm not alergic to much of anything but i can tell you it promotes great healing and oncei got burned by hot antifreeze and it drew out all the bad stuff and healed my skin with no marks. i was burned from the middle of my chest to my eyebrow on my left side and have no marks or scars.
hope this helps
Chris spencer

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By alinuru on Sun, 09-04-11, 18:42

I carry Saratoga Ointment at my Online Store and I never knew how useful this product is until I started getting orders for it. It is a "niche" product and a bit hard to find online, but those who know about it swear by it. Another product I carry is based on ancient hindu (Ayurvedic) healing traditions and incorporates Turmeric and Sandalwood Oil. It too helps soften and heal skin with its all natural antibiotic properties. My customers report amazing results for a variety of skin conditions including rosacea (?). ali - http://www.sokoduka.com

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