salad dressing with Peanut, Milk & Egg allergies, USA

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By aliciab4 on Wed, 10-26-05, 19:47


2 year old DD loves to dip food and I think she would eat more veggies if I gave her something to dip it in.

The rest of the family has been using Wishbone (UNILEVER) salad dressings (ones that do not list her allergens)

Does anyone trust Wishbone/UNILEVER labeling?? They do have 2 nut flavors (walnut and hazelnut)

What brand of salad dressing do you use with Peanut, Dairy and Egg allergies??


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By tidina on Wed, 10-26-05, 20:41

we avoid peanuts and tree nuts and use kraft italian or zesty italian.

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By Momcat on Wed, 10-26-05, 23:08

We love Brianna's French dressing. Yum!

Mom to 6 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 2 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.



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By perezrap on Thu, 10-27-05, 09:00

we have used Kraft regular french and ranch dressings without incident

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By Nicole1401 on Mon, 10-31-05, 12:15

We use Annie's Naturals. The raspberry vinagrette contains no dairy, egg, or peanut.
The last time I checked, they did not make any products in the dressing factory that contain peanuts.

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By Going Nuts on Mon, 10-31-05, 20:52

*SIGH* I've been making my own. Between sesame and nut allergies, more and more dressings are off-limits.


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By tidina on Mon, 10-31-05, 21:04

we avoid sesame and kraft seems to be safe. what do you use to make your own. i like doing that too, not because of allergies, i just like to. do you use balsamic vinegar and olive oil? thats good.

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By Going Nuts on Mon, 10-31-05, 22:31

I use olive or canola oil and either balsamic or white wine vinegar in a 3:1 ratio (I really prefer red wine vinegar, but it gives me migraines!). I crush a clove of garlic, add a tsp. of dijon mustard and a bit of salt and pepper. It is really good, but sometimes I just want a change, KWIM?

This week I really took a walk on the wild side and made honey mustard. Oooooh, living life in the fast lane...


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By tidina on Mon, 10-31-05, 22:55

sounds like you make yours a lot like i do. you can put herbs in it if you like. did you ever try apple cider vinegar? thats good too. i dont know if you avoid soy but i use to put a splash of that in it sometimes. my husband really liked it that way. just squeeze in whatever you have that is safe. how bout a squeeze of pizza sauce or tomatoe sauce for a sundried tomato type. did you ever put parmesan in. its good that way too!! read the kraft though and see if it has sesame. you should call kraft. i wouldnt be using it if i thought it had sesame in it

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