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SAFE/NUT FREE \"Bravissimo frozen pizza!!

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By SF on Thu, 10-25-01, 19:52

I found a safe, frozen, healthy pizza product! I noticed this product in my local Fresh Fields/Whole Foods store. Bravissimo frozen pizzas in the frozen section of the store. I emailed them and also spoke to a very helpful customer service rep. I plan on trying it soon, hope my pizza loving PA 3 yr old likes it...

Here is their response:

Dear Bravissimo Pizza Customer,

At the very outset I would like to thank you for your interest in Bravissimo.

Bravissimo started in a restaurant kitchen with the objective of providing high quality, restaurant style, all natural pizzeria style pizza. Now our entrees are made in a very clean, hygienic, state of the art facility that is under federal inspection by the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition, we also have our own qualified Quality Control Manager that inspect every meal going out of the plant. Today we make more than two million meals that are sold in over 4000 grocery stores nationwide.

Having said that, I would like to let you know that Bravissimo is a nut-free facility. No products containing nuts are made in the area. In fact, the president of the company has a nut allergy!

Erika Mercier
Ethnic Gourmet
Sales Assistant/Consumer Services
Fax: 303.665.4683
1208 Commerce Ct. Unit 5B, Suite #6
Lafayette, CO. 80026

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By pjpowell on Thu, 05-08-03, 22:37

Just wanted to let everyone know that I checked on these pizzas and this is the response I got today.......

We have received an answer to your recent email about peanut products or
by products being produced in the same plant as the Bravissimo Pizzas.

Unfortunately, there is always a chance of cross contamination. We would
advise not to consume the product if you have a peanut allergy. We are
sorry that we did not have a more flavorful response for you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at

Beth Ann Sheckler
Consumer Affairs Representative

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By maddiesmom on Thu, 05-08-03, 23:31

How confusing????? Two different responses???? Which one are we to believe?

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By healthy pizza on Thu, 08-12-10, 23:01

You have to try AC LaRocco Pizza, it’s the healthiest pizza on the planet and it’s delicious!!! All of AC LaRocco’s pizzas are high in fiber and whole grains, a good source of protein while being light in sodium (they offer the pizza with the lowest sodium on the market), low in fat and low in calories. All of the pizzas are made with organic and all natural ingredients and 7 out of 8 of their pizzas are vegetarian. They are Diabetic and Weight Watchers Friendly (4-5 points for 1/2 of a pizza depending on the variety).
You can eat an entire pizza for under 700 calories and still get more than 50 grams of whole grains, more than 30 grams of protein and fiber!
You can find AC LaRocco pizzas in your natural frozen foods case in grocery stores nationwide. Check out the store locator and all of the nutritional facts at aclarocco.com And if you want to receive our monthly Newsletter or want coupons just send me an email and I’ll get some out to you!!! [email protected]

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