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Safe WHITE chocolate chips????

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By Mom2K on Sun, 12-09-07, 21:27

Has anyone found any? I'd like to make some peppermint bark and another recipe I found (white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies) but I haven't found any safe chips. I've ONLY found Nestle White chips.

Does anyone know of any that are sold in common stores?


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By lj on Mon, 12-10-07, 23:00

Once a few years back I found a safe store brand - Price Chopper I think. They are not safe now. However, their butterscotch chips still are.

Other than that Vermont Nut Free sells white chocolate chips.

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By lj on Wed, 12-12-07, 01:42

Tonight I just found Guittard safe white chocolate chips at our Christmas Tree Shop.

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By momto4boys on Wed, 12-12-07, 11:35

Bakers chocolate makes a white chocolate bar. I have not read the label but the semi-sweet one did not have a warning. I cannot use white chocolate as ds is also allergic to dairy. I cannot say that it is safe but might be worth a little investigation. Hope this helps.

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By Mom2K on Thu, 12-13-07, 13:18

thanks for the suggestions everyone. I found a bag at Trader Joes that did not have a warning on it. Do you think it is OK since TJs seems to label things for cross-contamination? It only lists the ingredients, no other warnings/may contains/made on shared equip.

I haven't seen the Baker's white bar, will have to check.

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By syzygy on Fri, 12-21-07, 05:12

I second Baker's. It's made by Kraft. You could call the 800 number on the package to be sure, but I recently called regarding the Baker's semi-sweet chocolate and they informed me that if an allergen isn't listed in the ingredient list and there's no "may contain" warning on the package that it's considered safe.

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By CorinneM1 on Fri, 12-21-07, 19:24

I third Bakers. We use many of their chocolate products, including white for bark.

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