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safe tree nut butters?

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By tanyakhughes on Tue, 11-29-05, 06:09

I'm new here... and looking for safe tree nut butters for my peanut-allergic son. Are there any? His peanut allergy is not severe, and he seems to do fine with almonds and cashews. He's 2 1/2, by the way. We've done Trader Joe's Sunflower butter, which is great, but I'm just looking for an alternative to that.


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By on Tue, 11-29-05, 15:16

I avoid all nuts, but I've tried
[url="http://www.peabutter.com"]www.peabutter.com[/url] and like it.

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By jtolpin on Wed, 11-30-05, 10:38


Biased POV?

We like IM Healthy's Soy nut butter's, especially honey chunky.

When dealing with a PA, most folks avoid nuts.


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By DRobbins on Wed, 11-30-05, 17:36

Since kids aren't supposed to be exposed to peanuts or treenuts until they're at least three years old, and your son has already shown that he has a tendency to become allergic to foods, have you considered keeping him away from nuts until he's older, when it will be safer for him to eat these highly allergenic foods?

It might be worth considering. (And keeping him away from shellfish until he's older would be a good idea, too.)

Just a thought.

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By krasota on Thu, 12-01-05, 17:57

We grind our own. My PA is adult onset and my allergist feels it's a cross-reaction with soy (anaphylactic), in my case. I do just fine with cashews and almonds and macademia nuts.

When buying a PB sub, though, I opt for sunflower seed butter.


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