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By Coco on Wed, 06-09-99, 01:48

Soya butter, made (according to pkg label) for peanut allergic (NOT SOYA ALLERGIC) people, is made from roasted soya beans and taste and texture is very similar to peanut butter.

This was a product that a peanut (and dairy and egg) allergic child from our local support group brought with her to a hotel get together. Many of us peanut allergic and not (our families were with us) tried this product and were very happy with it.

For those with siblings/parents etc. who still fancy their peanut butter, this may be a very viable option. Peanut butter is not something that I have in my home, but I will track down a jar of this butter.

This product is from U.S. and is also available in Canada. Distributed by Sweet Mountain Magic the phone number is (703) 478-3049.

Please let me know if you try it and what you think about it.

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By Mary Kay on Wed, 06-09-99, 03:28


What are the soya beans roasted in?

Mary Kay

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By Lschubert on Wed, 06-09-99, 14:15


PO BOX 1046, ASHLAND, OR. 97520




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By Christine on Wed, 06-09-99, 14:29


Are you sure the almond butter is safe. I was using some for myself last year when I was on the "Zone" diet and I had called the particular company who made it and they also made a "natural" peanut butter. This was not the same brand that you are using.

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By Coco on Thu, 06-17-99, 18:59

"Sweet Mountain Magic Roasted Soyabean Butter" comes in a 510g jar.

On the front label there is a picture of a peanut with a circle around it and a line through it. Around this are the words CONTAINS NO PEANUT.

The soyabeans are roasted in soyabean oil and the only other ingredients are corn syrup solids, soya protein isolate, evaporated cane juice, salt, mono and diglycerides.

The back label reads "...with the roasted taste and texture of peanut butter has NO peanuts and is a GREAT CHOICE FOR THOSE ALLERGIC TO THEM"

Company is in Reston, Virginia USA Phone is (703) 478-3049.

I picked this product up at a specialty food shop (Denninger's) in Burlington, Ontario Canada for $5.99 (Canadian dollars)

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By Christine on Thu, 06-17-99, 20:17

Coco and all,

I just contacted this company two days ago regarding this product. They are no longer located in Virginia and are in the process of moving their plant to Chicago (you cannot reach them at their Virginia phone number anymore). They are not producing any soya butter at this time and they don't expect it to be on the shelves for a few more months. When I inquired as to the safety of the product, the woman said that she would give my message to the owner who would later call me. I still have not heard from him yet. My specific question will be if they make any other products that contain peanut. Once I get the info, I will post it.

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By Coco on Thu, 06-17-99, 23:39

Thanks for the update. My allergic son has had this a couple of times, but is not very fussy on stuff that is processed. (He's more of a fresh fruit and veg./whole grain kind of guy)

His sisters and my husband on the other hand, think that they have died and gone to heaven since none of them has eaten any peanut products in 4 years.

I'll let the local peanut allergic fans know that they should stock up. A fellow peanut allergic Mom introduced many of us to this product at a local conference.

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By Changed by office on Sun, 08-29-99, 03:40

(edited)"Natural Touch Roasted SoyButter". It, also, states that it contains NO peanuts. It has all the same ingredients as the above mentioned brand. Maybe it's from the same company?! It has an address in Ohio, though. It says Worthington Foods, Inc., in Worthington, Ohio.

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By Marietta Carter on Sat, 09-04-99, 18:15

Where do you buy this soy butter?

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By Valerie on Sun, 09-05-99, 22:03

I went to our local health food store today and found a product called SoyNut butter. It is made by the SoyNut Butter Company out of Barrington, IL. It contains Roasted Organic soybeans, naturally pressed soybean oil, soy concentrate, soy lecithin and salt. It also says Peanut free on the label. I'm going to call their 800 number on Tuesday to make sure it is safe. My daughter (nonallergic who loves peanut butter) gobbled it right up. Finally something easy I can send her for school lunch! I also liked it. It is a bit grittier than peanut butter but otherwise it's pretty good. When I called the 800 number tonight but of course there is noone there on the weekend. But it sounded like you could place an order. Their number is 1-800-288-1012.


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By Susan K on Mon, 09-06-99, 05:33

Trader Joe's (a US national grocery store) also sells soy butter, both smooth and crunchy. The labels says "contains no PN"

You can call 1-800-shop-tjs to find a store in your town.

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By Marietta Carter on Mon, 09-06-99, 12:50

Thanks for all the info. I'll start calling tomorrow to see if I can find my 4 yr old a PB replacement. PB was his favorite food before my 1 yr old was diagnosed. He's been really great about it, but I bet he'll be really happy to have a replacement to make soybutter and banana sandwiches!!!!

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By Lidia on Mon, 09-06-99, 17:07


Have you called Trader Joe's to make sure their manufacturing procedures are safe? I am wary of buying products from a supplier that has nuts EVERYWHERE! I don't even take my PA allergic son in the store in my area. So many things contain nuts. Because it specifically states that there are no peanuts in the soy butter it is probably OK, but I would feel better if they made it in a pn free area; and maybe they do.

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By Valerie on Tue, 09-07-99, 17:21

I talked to someone at the Soynut Butter Company and they do not allow any peanuts or nuts anywhere in the vicinity of the production line. I probably won't let my allergic child have it anyway because it looks and smells alot like peanut butter and I don't want to confuse him. Maybe when he is older. Does anyone know if you can use soy butter as a substitute for peanut butter in recipes?


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By Jessica on Fri, 09-10-99, 20:42

I have used soynut butter in a no-bake cookie recipe and they tasted the same as with peanut butter. My kids like the soynut butter, but I let them know this is something they can only have at home, so it is not confused with p/b.

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By Valerie on Sat, 09-11-99, 00:38

Thanks, I can't wait to try the no bake cookies. I almost thought about telling daycare about the soynut butter as an alternative for the other kids. Then I realized that it would be very difficult for the staff to tell the difference between that and a real PB sandwich which then might slide by undetected.
It doesn't look like my allergic 3 yr old would try it. He saw it in the cupboard and started screaming "peanut butter!" I took the jar down and tried to explain to him that it wasn't and he backed up and didn't want to be anywhere near it. I guess I really got it across to him to avoid peanut!


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By Donna on Sat, 09-11-99, 05:23

I found this site. They have an ingredient page and claim to be a safe alternative to pnutbutter.

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By Jessica on Fri, 09-24-99, 03:43

Donna, Thanks for the post about nutbuster.com. I ordered a few jars of their soybutter and the price was much better than what I was paying for the brand at the health food store.

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By Jessica on Fri, 09-24-99, 03:55

How old was your son when he understood the danger of peanuts and peanut butter? My son is almost 2 and does'nt understand that he can't have some foods, or even what peanuts are. Jessica

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By MaryLynn on Fri, 09-24-99, 13:26

Jessica, My daughter understood to stay away from anything peanuty from day one. She did not like the taste and spit out the offending product and then throw up with in 15 minutes. This was around 2. If we tried offering her something with peanuts or peanut butter she would push it away and tell us it had peanuts and she didn't like it. (We had a dr. who did not really believe in food allergies and told us to keep tring until her intollerence dissapeared. We have a great ped now!)

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By MaryLynn on Fri, 09-24-99, 13:27

Jessica, My daughter understood to stay away from anything peanuty from day one. She did not like the taste and spit out the offending product and then throw up with in 15 minutes. This was around 2. If we tried offering her something with peanuts or peanut butter she would push it away and tell us it had peanuts and she didn't like it. (We had a dr. who did not really believe in food allergies and told us to keep tring until her intollerence dissapeared. We have a great ped now!)

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By Valerie on Sat, 09-25-99, 01:42

I would say my son was about 2 1/2 when he seemed to have a pretty good understanding that he couldn't have peanuts. I drilled it into him very early on by pointing out peanuts and peanut butter in the grocery store and telling him that he would get very sick if he ate them. Once he understood that, I would point out M&Ms and a few other products that are not safe. I also tell him every time we go somewhere not to eat anything until I check it out first. At almost 3 1/2 now he is very good about checking with me first. At 3 he found a peanut M&M at a friend's house and he brought it to me (he didn't get that he shouldn't touch it either but at least he didn't eat it).
It does seem a little easier now that he understands somewhat. Good luck!


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By frozndvl on Sun, 04-09-00, 00:40

I recently found a Soybutter Product at Fred Meyer's, which is a chain grocery store, I know they are All over Alaska, but I think they are in the lower 48 states too.
They had it in the natural foods section with there natural Peanut butter and Almond butter Products. It comes in a normal peanut butter looking jar that is plastic, up here it costs $4.39 a Jar, which is like a 16 oz or so. I forget the name of the brand. But is says right on the label that it is peanut free. It comes in Creamy and Chunky, with or without Honey. I haven't bought any yet, so I don't know how it tastes.

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By ihatepeanuts on Fri, 04-21-00, 16:39

Everyone probably knows about this already,
but in case you don't...Our store has a new
soy butter called Soy Wonder. I had never
gotten it because right next to it is a
product called Peanut Wonder. I e-mailed
the company the other day and they e-mailed
back and said that the plant that produces
Soy Wonder is strictly a soy processing plant
and has absolutely no peanuts anywhere. The
plant that makes Peanut Wonder is 800 miles
away. This was good news! My son has been
eating Natural Touch soy butter for probably
over a year and loves it. He has it on
crackers and loves soy butter and jam
sandwiches. This is made by Worthington
Foods, Inc. I have never even called the
company on this one. Does anyone know how
to get in contact with this company?

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By gw_mom3 on Fri, 04-21-00, 18:39

Quote:Originally posted by ihatepeanuts:
[b]My son has been
eating Natural Touch soy butter for probably
over a year and loves it. Does anyone know how
to get in contact with this company?

Here is the number for Worthington foods: 1-800-243-1810. They have told me their soy nut butter is made on nut free lines. However, I have started buying the I.M. Healthy Soynut butter from Nutbusters. I was told it is made in a peanut free facility. Also, I once bought some soy hot dogs from Worthington foods and when I called about the natural flavorings, they had to find out and call me back a few days later. Turns out the natural flavoring in the soy hot dogs has peanut oil (not listed on the ing. list, of course.) The only thing I use now from them is their frozen eggs, and even then I am cautious (make sure the epi is close by, and make sure my daughter won't be going right to bed after eating anything with the frozen eggs in it.) [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

[This message has been edited by gw_mom3 (edited April 21, 2000).]

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By ihatepeanuts on Sat, 04-22-00, 05:07

Thanks gw_mom3 for the phone number. I will
call them. We just bought a jar of the
Soy Wonder tonight and my son was pleased
that he could choose a chunky kind for a
change. I would feel much safer using a soy
butter from a place with no peanuts at all.
It sounds like Worthington has peanuts. I
also will check out the nutbusters website.
Thanks for your help!

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By Mir on Thu, 04-05-01, 13:50

I just wanted to add to this thread with another plug for [url="http://www.nutbusters.com."]http://www.nutbusters.com.[/url] If you order an entire case of soynut butter from them (12 jars), they will ship it for FREE.

Their product has a 2-year shelf life. Also you can mix flavors within the case, and they offer all kinds of varieties including CHOCOLATE soynut butter! I'm all excited about the chocolate... I'll have to post after my order arrives and I taste it. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Anyway, I thought this was a great deal. I have two kids and I have a friend with a PA child who has 3 kids, so we split a case (neither of us really wanted 12 jars at once).


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By Philip's Mom on Thu, 04-05-01, 14:09

Thanks Mir!

I was planning on having jars of this available during parent orientation at my son's school in August. I figured since it is a bit pricey my merely suggesting they buy it might not be as beneficial as actually having FREE jars for them to take home and sample for themselves. Luckily there are only 8 kids in his class so this leaves some left over for other PA parents I know that haven't tried it yet.

I was also concerned that I might have to start stockpiling it early since our grocery store only seems to have a few jars at a time. Ordering a case makes it all so much easier.

I give it only to my non-PA daughter so a jar lasts us quite a while.

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By m d keith on Wed, 05-09-01, 23:35

Does anyone know how to properly substitute soy nut butter for peanut butter in recipes? I know that more shortening is needed, but how much more?

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By KIM I on Fri, 05-18-01, 04:36

Wild Oats Market opened here. Bought a jar of I.M.Healthy soynut butter. My PA son hates the stuff But my nonPA son is in heaven with it!! We also bought a jar of the chocolate flavor. When we got home with the "soy butter" (we leave off the word nut so we don't confuse anyone)my non PA son had 3 soybutter and jelly sandwiches. Nick and I ate turkey! Kim

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By keilley on Fri, 05-18-01, 13:09

I.M. Healthy has snack paks too. This has pretzels on one end and soy nut butter on another. I got these for my non-PA (who loves PB) son to take to school for snacks. He loves it. This will be great to take along for travelling this summer.

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By marla on Wed, 05-23-01, 20:14

We have tried and liked the Trader Joe's soybutter, although ironically my PA son will not touch it. I use it for my non-PA son when he feels as if he wants peanut butter at home. But we can't use it for school lunches any more because his classroom is now PB-free and no one will believe him or me that the PB and J is really soybutter and jelly!

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By KIM I on Thu, 05-24-01, 03:31

Isn't it funny that our PA kids won't eat the soynut butter but our non PA children like it!!! Kim

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