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safe graham crackers?

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By Connielynn on Sat, 06-21-03, 21:20

Safe for pa, tna, and sunflower. Am I dreaming?

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By ks65 on Sat, 06-21-03, 22:01

arn't HoneyMaid graham crackers safe? I have used them for years with my PA dd..

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By steveandleslea on Sat, 06-21-03, 22:47

I don't know about sunflower, but Kroger brand works for us for pa and tna.

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By KarenT on Sun, 06-22-03, 00:37

The last I checked Honey Maid Wafers were OK but not the crumbs.


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By Connielynn on Sun, 06-22-03, 02:49

Thanks. I will check them out. I want to make ice cream sandwiches for dd.

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By Danielle on Sun, 06-22-03, 14:46

New Morning said that their gr. crackers are made in a peanut/nut free facility. They have plain and cinnamon and can be found in most health food stores as well as major store chains. They said these are their only products that are made in the pn/tn free facility.
I also don't remember reading sesame on the ingredient list but I would double check, as always, just to be safe.

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By SaraO on Sun, 06-22-03, 15:39

We have used Kroger brand Honey and Cinnamon before without problems. I have also used Honey Maid Honey Grahams. Does anyone know if the Honey Maid Sticks (Honey and Choc.) are o.k.?


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By Rosie's Mom on Sun, 06-22-03, 16:23

We have used the Honey Maids Choc.Stix without a problem. PA DD loves them. I didn't check on them but will continue to buy them.

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By on Mon, 06-23-03, 03:14

Shaw's are safe-all flavors. I have recently used Nabisco graham sticks - cinnamon w/o a problem.

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