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If any of you live in California, Arizona or Nevada you have heard of In and Out if not hopefully it will be coming your way soon. I just got off the phone with a rep and they said none of their buns...
For those of you in Northern Virginia, we recently had a good experience at Generous George's (Alexandria and Herndon). They are super kid-friendly -- with a kid's make your own pizza -- and have no...
Anyone have any good or bad experiences with Denny's?
Has anyone had any experience with Sbarros pizza? My son would love to eat there at the food court.
check out this informative link [url="http://www.outback.com/foodandmenus/nutritionalinfo.aspx#allergies"]http://www.outback.com/foodandmenus/nutritionalinfo.aspx#allergies[/url]
Has anyone ever eaten in The Old Spaghetti Factory in Indianapolis? Good or bad experiences?? We are dealing with Tree Nuts only, so if you have info for TNA I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
Hello! We're doing an informal survey on Food Allergy Buzz (www.foodallergybuzz.com) about pizza places (and habits) for food allergic individuals. It would be great to gather as many responses as...
Hi Everyone, My husband and I own POULET Restaurant in Lutherville, MD and Rouge Fine Catering located in Hunt Valley. Our 10 year old daughter is PN/TN/Shellfish allergic. After speaking to...
We are going to NYC over the holidays with my son who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and egg. Does anyone know a safe pizza restaurant in NYC? TIA.
Hi All, We visited our Romano's Macaroni Grill this past Sat. We were so pleased. They had special "allergy" menus for each allergen - peanut, tree nut, dairy, etc. They listed which items were safe...
Johnny Rockets opened in our neighborhood. Their website indicates they are allergy conscious and knowledgeable. I'd love to hear first hand experiences.
We ate there this past week and when we mentioned our son's peanut allergy, the server told us that they have no nuts at all because the owner's daughter has a severe peanut allergy. So we actually...
We're going to a wedding this next weekend that is going to be catered by Famous Dave's. We've eaten at FD restaurants successfully before with our PA son. Would this pretty much be the same thing...
Hi my son has severe peanut allergy and was wondering if there are any fast food chains that people trust. the only ones I have here in my town are Mc Donalds, Burger King and Wendy's. Let me know...
Hello, I'm new to this forum.. and this will be my first post.. last weekend we were at the mall, and my husband got a sandwich from the Steak Escape. They gave him fries too, I made sure to ask...
I had lunch today at P.F. Chang's with my mom. As we were leaving, I heard the manager approach the table next to us. The folks next to us had ordered a dish to be prepared without mushrooms, and...
hoooray! they have taken the asian chicken salad made with peanuts on top and peanut dressing off the menu!!!! they still however have a salad with walnuts. ( my DS tested neg for treenuts)...
Do you all still eat there now that they have the Nestle cookie dough add-ins in the frosty's? They will stir it for you which scares me about x-contamination. Same with the m&m's. Does this...
We went here tonight and had a great experience. We ordered off the kids menu for Helen. When they brought out the food, the chef came out of the kitchen and assured me that they prepared the food...
Does anyone know restaurants in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY (I live on the border) that are peanut-free or at least have a children's menu that is? Both my daughters (ages 3 and 5) are...
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