We went here tonight and had a great experience. We ordered off the kids menu for Helen. When they brought out the food, the chef came out of the kitchen and assured me that they prepared the food...
Does anyone know restaurants in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY (I live on the border) that are peanut-free or at least have a children's menu that is? Both my daughters (ages 3 and 5) are...
Can anyone recommend peanut-safe restaurants in Wilmington, Kure Beach or Carolina Beach? We're vacationing there from 9/6 - 9/13. Thanks.
Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants that are allergy friendly, particularly nut free in the Alton Bay area of New Hampshire?
Hello, Does anyone have information about this restaurant and how safe their pizza is? Thanks, Laifong
I've been wanting to post this for a while.... While on vacation struggling to decide where to eat, we stopped at this place - never heard of it before. We asked about allergens and they pulled out...
Has anyone here tried it? Here is the info from their website: [url="http://www.doubledaves.com/menu/nutrition/"]http://www.doubledaves.com/menu/nutrition/[/url]
I have always been told this was a pretty safe place to eat if you have a peanut or treenut allergy. Even the managers have told me so. Since I regularly double check restaurants, I called the...
Hi All, I contacted a food allergy support group in Rochester for restaurant recommendations in that area. She recommended a hamburger chain called Bill Gray's. There is one in the Strong Museum but...
I know I saw a link to a website for food allergies that had links to restruants websites. Does anyone have an idea of what the website was or where I may have come across it? I remember it had a...
Does anyone know how Margarita's Restaurant (multiple locations in new england...not the one in Auburn) handles peanut allergy? Are there any safe things to eat there? Any things to specifically...
We are going to visit our niece and nephew who are at camp in Bridgton. Does anyone know of any safe restaurants in town? Here are some names of the restaurants in the area: - Big Kahuna Cafe - Black...
I am looking for a nice allergy-aware restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, to enjoy with my peanut-allergic child. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
I stopped by to visit one of the newer stores. I was very disapointed that every product they makle listes every possible allergen they use as a warning on the label. Has anyone developed a comfort...
Will be traveling this weekend and came across this restaurant in a town we'll be passing through. Fairly good website with nutritional information and ingredient listings for allergies. The bakery...
We are going to be in Brewster, MA in July for two weeks. I'm curious if anyone has any feedback on area restaurants on the Cape. The Brewster/Harwich/Orleans area is where we probably will spend...
Does anyone know of any safe chain restaurants in IL?? We tried Outack Steakhouse and that went well. We called Fridays, but learned that many of their foods contain nuts so I think we'll steer...
I was pleasantly surprised to find so many allergy charts easily available. Here is my question, if there is a restaurant that lists everything and there are safe foods he can eat but other items...
Just spent school vacation in Manhattan and had some good restaurant experiences: Trattoria Spaghetto on Bleecker St ( we had pasta with marinara and bread) Beard Papa's (cream puff bakery)(no...
Any one use these IL fast food places? Any problems? Any recommendations on where else safe food for PN/TN allergies?

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