Ok, the only pizza we ever eat and I feel comfortable with is Papa John's. I was curious what you all think about Cici's. The website says they are safe and I even e-mailed and got this response....
Our 7 year old son has a peanut allergy, and as a result, buffets tend to scare us away. We called ahead to the Giant Crab (on Restaurant Row at Myrtle Beach) and were put at ease. There are no...
We are taking a family trip to Hawaii soon, and just recently found out our DS has a severe PA. I am just not familiar with their cuisine or restaurants or ANYTHING. Very nervous. Anyone know...
Today I bought a real fruit slush from a Sonic Fast Food Restaurant located at 827 Canal St., Carlsbad, New Mexico. What was so disgustingly different about this particular strawberry real fruit...
A Cold Stone Creamery ice cream parlor just opened in my town. They specialize in mix-ins; needless to say there isn't a blessed thing there for our kids. One of my PA friends suggested that we...
I've read the ingredients/nutrition info of McD's and Wendy's. So when I go there, should I ask to speak with the manager before ordering (re: my son's peanut allergy)? Or do I just mention it to...
Our son has peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies. We often eat at Mcdonalds getting him the nuggets and fries. We were wondering if anyone gets the soft serve ice cream and just has it put...
We had been there several times with no problems, then one night my son (PA) had 1/2 a mozzarella stick and started throwing up. We asked the waiter, same one we had told about PA, if they had used...
I was wondering if anyone has any experience---good or bad with this restaurant. They just opened one here and I've been meaning to call. I checked out their menu online and it looks like it's at...
I will be traveling to Victoria, BC from Boston with my peanut and tree nut allergic son. Are there restaurants there that are considered safe?
someone posted about this at another board. At BK the allergen list only says that the caramel sauce, ham omelet sandwich, croutons and desserts may contain traces of peanuts/tree nuts. Well in their...
I live in Montgomery County, MD and I'm having a hard time finding PA-friendly restaurants. I'd love to do more than eat at select fast-food places! I'm interested in finding restaurants in...
I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for San Francisco for my son with peanut, treenut, sesame and egg allergies. I am aware of In-n-Out, Chipotle and Rubios. I am specifically...
I know there was another message thread about this, but I can't find it among the huge number of threads about DD, so I'm starting a new one. Dunkin Donuts had been within our comfort zone, but I was...
Hi All, I am new to the world of PA. My 2yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy and I am a bit of a mess I guess you could say. She has been eating out for 2yrs with no...
Hi, I'm completely new to this... my 15 mo was just diagnosed with a mild peanut allergy. How do I know which restaurants are safe? How can I be sure that there are no PN or TN in the food she is...
Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend restaurants in Pittsburgh, PA that is safe for people with peanut allergies? Thanks, -Raymond
Anyone ever eat at BW3? What were your experiences like? Good or Bad? Thanks!
The owner, Debbie Webster, has no concern or empathy for her customers health and well being.
DD saw a food network show on Popeye's Chicken. They showed how it is made and she thought she might be able to have it. Has anyone tried it or contacted them. Thanks! ------------------ Cindy Mom...

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