Hi, I just thought that I would drop a note that the Steak and Shake near me frys with peanut oil. So i am assuming that they probably use it in other things besides their deep fryers. My son has...
Went to TGI Fridays with some co-workers today. Ordered the Pizzadilla with cheese. Asked for ingredients of the flat bread and sauce. I was provided the ingredients for the sauce after about 15...
Just wanting to know if anyone out there trusts Waffle House. We just got back from vacation, and drove 14 hours through the Southeast and it seemed as if there was a Waffle House every exit, which...
Hi all, I had contacted Chili's via their email on their website to inquire about any usage in their foods of soy, vegetable protein, and peanuts. At first they told me that they used too many...
Does anyone know if Wendy's Frosty's are safe for PA kids? I'd love to have a new treat for my daughter.
I believe they're a chain...my sister contacted them for me and they said there were no pnut products, but because of some other threads I've read here about regional differences, when my mom and I...
I contacted papa Johns through their website. [url="http://www.papajohns.com"]www.papajohns.com[/url] They were very quick to reply and sent an ingredient list for everyone of their products. It...
I am wondering if anyone who is PA (or has a PA child) has had the juice/fruit smoothies that are made in stores like Juice Stop or Jamba Juice (that is what the stores are named near me). The...
To celebrate my mother in law's visit, we took her to Brennan's in Houston, Texas. I mentioned to our waiter our two girls haved a severe peanut allergy. Within just a few minutes, the manager came...
We just got back from our vacation on Cape Cod and we found this great restaurant in Orleans, MA. It mainly serves breakfast and after I went through my little 'speel' about Meggie's allergy, the...
Does anyone have any information regarding Dunkin Donuts? I have eaten them numerous times without incident, and I don't believe they have any nut-type doughnuts. I wrote to them to ask about PA...
Based on living on the gulf coast in Alabama, my wife and I have found that seafood restaurants tend to cook in peanut oil more than others. I have been told it is because peanut oil cooks at a...
Anybody have info. on KFC? OK? yes/no? I've called the 800#'s and only received useless brochures. Dannon website was pretty useless also. Any Info? Thanks.
Finally!! A resturant that understands the seriousness of PA. Our family just ate at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Cafe in Auburn Hills Mi, and had a wonderful experiance. I was curious about the...
We actually had a good experience in a restuarant this weekend! We went to Truluck's because my husband won a gift certificate. It is not a typical family restaurant, a little fancy, but hey- a...
I recently went to the Boston Market for dinner, and when I asked what the food might be basted with, and told the person at the counter that I was allergic to peanuts, he told me that I could not...
We went to Ryan's to eat tonight. I asked the servers at the register if they had anything that would list the ingredients of their food. They answered no. I then asked our server. I then asked...
Went to a Bennigans on Saturday night in Willow Grove, PA. When I asked the waitress about ingredients and oils, she informed me that they fry with Peanut Oil. We ended up eating somewhere else.
I live in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. There are two Applebees restaurants that I used to frequent. I no longer do this because of what happened recently. My fiance and I went to have a nice...
I am sad to hear about your bad experiences with McDonalds but here in Canada, I have never had a bad experience since I've had my allergy all my life. I was very happy to see the peanuts in little...

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