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Does anyone eat at Arby's who has a peanut allergy? My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and we have recently ate there without any problems. I was just wondering about their shakes? Anyone...
Does anyone know if Johnny Rockets is safe for someone with a peanut allergy? I was planning on contacting them, but I thought I would check here and see if anyone has eaten there without problems.
My daughter has a peanut allergy and has always been fine eating McDonald's regular food. (I.e. chicken nuggets, fries, etc.) She has tried the vanilla ice cream cone and has had no problems nor has...
This weekend we went to Olive Garden with my PA 2 year old DD. When the waitress came I gave her the normal talk and gave her an allergy card to give to the cooks. (BTW she said that they really...
Anyone have any experience with Chevy's? Some friends will be hosting a huge birthday party there, so there will probably be a gigantic amount of food. My daughter is only 2, so she'll be running...
Planning a day trip to the big apple for the xmas holiday - any suggestions for a peanut free restaurant ?
I was planning to go to the Ikea to look at furniture and thought about stopping at the restaurant there for lunch for macaroni and cheese. I notice though that they also serve pbj sandwiches. Has...
Thought I'd tell you about a good experience I had recently while traveling with my PA 6-year-old son. Nothing too important, but places that show concern and are proactive should get recognition....
My husband decided to take our 19-month-old PA daughter to McDonalds yesterday while running errands. We hadn't looked into McDonalds as being safe yet so I was highly concerned. I went on the...
Is Kentucy Fried Chicken safe? I live in Canada. thank you
I had seen a post a week or so ago about the dangers of eating at Wendy's. I can't seem to find it anymore but I was wondering why there is a low level of confidence about eating Wendy's? We go there...
I recently went to a Denny's and discovered that they are now frying exclusively in peanut oil. They DON'T note this on the menus, but they do mention that they're using a "new, trans-fat free" oil...
My family, including my 10 year old son with peanut allergy, will be vacationing for two weeks in Ocean City, Maryland. This is our first time visiting OC and I would love to find some restaurants...
My son is newly diagnosed with PA. He has eaten those frozen rocket pops (the white red and blue ones) many times and has never had a reaction. I bought them today and realized it says may contain...
Do you serve bagels from a bagel shop to your peanut-allergic child?
Hello. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of an upcoming trip back to Canada from where I currently live in Japan, bringing with me my 2 year old P/A son. If there is anyone from the...
Hi, I travel alot both domestically and internationally. I just wanted to share a few of the places that I frequent when I am traveling in the US. I should note that I am allergic to most tree nuts...
Just had pizza for the first time from Jet's pizza. Has anyone purchased their pizza before. I would love for our son to have another option besides Papa John's all the time.
Just wondering if anyone has a good or bad experience with this place. Their website is awesome at listing EVERY food and it's allergies and they describe how cautious they are. My son has a PNA.
There is a free giveaway for restaurant allergy cards for those who are interested at www.eatnutfree.com (an allergy blog). All you have to do is leave a comment with the type of card you wish to...
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